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writing a descriptive essay in third person movie » the interpol virus,, Read Full Article » Kate’s Escapades – How to make Rice Bag Heating Pads

Kate’s Escapades – How to make Rice Bag Heating Pads

The cold temperatures of winter have finally arrived. That means chilly nights and nippy mornings. That also means it’s time to bring out the rice bag heating pads. Our family has used them for years to keep our tootsies warm, our hands toasty, and to relieve the occasional stiff neck or back.  I think we first discovered these amazing little things when my mother-in-law gave us a few for Christmas many years ago. There’s nothing like them. Just pop the rice bag in the microwave for a minute or two and voila – instant hot pack. To say I’m addicted to these things would be an understatement. My rice bag is my constant companion  during the long cold winter months in Utah.

When I pulled out our box of rice bags, I could see that they were looking a little bit warn and ragged. A trip to the fabric store for some cotton flannel, and a few quick seams on the sewing machine and we’re all set for a warm and cozy winter.

Want to make some for yourself? It’s super easy. Give it a try.

How to make Rice Bag Heating Pads


1/4 yard Cotton flannel fabric

Long grain rice (not instant) – About 7 cups per bag

Sewing machine

Cut  fabric in half, giving you two long pieces 9 inches wide. Then take one piece and fold in half, right sides facing in. Sew two sides completely, and the third side 2/3 of the way leaving an opening of a few inches.

Turn bag so the right side is facing out.

I’ve found that making a funnel out of a paper plate rolled into a cone shape works better than a regular funnel because the opening can be adjusted to the size of the opening in the bag.

Slowly pour about 7 cups of rice into bag.

Once the rice has been poured into the bag, fold the opening edges inward.

Sew seam closed.

Warm bag in the microwave for 1 – 2 minutes. My microwave gets them perfect in 1:30. Make sure to shake the rice bag after heating to insure even distribution of heat.

Put rice bag on feet and enjoy!

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