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Recipe of the week – Cheater Chicken Taco Soup

It’s Friday, so that means it’s once again cheater recipe time. So what’s a “Cheater” recipe? It’s a way to end up with a delicious home cooked meal, side dish or dessert without spending lots of time to get there. This week’s cheater recipe… Chicken Taco Soup So ridiculously easy, and so unbelievably delicious! m Ingredients: 1 can corn 1 can pinto beans 1 can kidney beans 1 can black beans 1 can petite diced tomatoes 1 can chicken stock 1 small can diced green chilies 1 pkg. cooked diced chicken 1 pkg. taco seasoning 1 pkg. ranch mix tortilla chips sour cream grated cheese diced onion Directions: In large stock pot or slow cooker… 1. Open all the canned ingredients and dump them into the pot…UNDRAINED. 2. Add the package of diced, pre-cooked chicken. 3. Add taco seasoning packet and ranch mix packet. 4. Add diced onion. 5. Stir it all up and let cook on low for … academic argument essay

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Kate’s Escapades – How to make fabric flower accessories

Last week I went to the Women’s Expo held at the McKay Event Center in Orem, UT., to see my daughter model some cute clothes from Peppermint Pockets. So while I was there I couldn’t resist taking a stroll through the booths to see what was new and hot this year for the woman who wants to be hip and stylish. This season it’s all about the accessories..big earrings, big necklaces, big purses, big rhinestone belt buckles, and lots and lots of fabric flowers on just about everything imaginable. Being the cheapskate that I am, I took one look at those pricey flowered covered tops and necklaces and figured I could  make them myself for a fraction of the cost. I headed straight to the fabric store and picked up some … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: That’s a stupid law

For various reasons, I often find myself asking, “what’s wrong with people?” While I usually ask it from a rhetorical perspective, there are times when I really do expect an answer. At the least, I’d like to deliver some people a big fat bonk on the head with one of those giant cartoon hammers like Bugs Bunny had. Where am I going with this? I recently stumbled across some super strange laws still on the books – right here in America: In Glendale, Arizona it’s illegal to drive a car in reverse. Let that one sink in a minute. In California, it’s a misdemeanor to shoot at any kind of game from a moving vehicle, unless the target is a whale. It’s also illegal to set a mousetrap without a hunting license or … Read entire article »

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LOST 6.13 – The Last Recruit recap by Evie

LOST 6.13: The Last Recruit Island Reality This episode picks up right where it left off last week. Jack and his gang walked into the camp of the Black Smoke Monster. Jack gets permission from Hurley to have a private discussion with Fake Locke. Jack isn’t bothered by the fact that the smoke monster looks just like John Locke but he is bothered that he has no idea what the hell the black-smoke-monster-thing-that-looks-like-John-Locke-is. Fake Locke replies, “Sure you do.” As in, “sure you have an idea of what I am.” Jack, this would have been another great time to NOT change the subject.  I would have loved to have heard a better explanation from Smokey or some intelligent guess from Jack. *sigh* Fake Locke tells Jack that he chose John Locke because Locke was stupid … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Escapades – let the Eclipse countdown begin…

I just realized that it has been a REALLY long time since I’ve written a post on anything related to The Twilight Saga. In fact, it’s probably been a good three months since I’ve even typed the word “Eclipse” into the Google bar. And truthfully, even though I have an Eclipse countdown at the bottom of my very own website, I’ve even lost track of how long until Eclipse premiers on June 30, 2010. Fyi…63 days from today. So in an effort to bring myself back up to speed with the Eclipse news and tid bits that I’ve been neglecting, I’ve been zipping here and there all over the internet gathering information. (I can think of worse things to do with a Monday afternoon…heehee.) First of all, here’s the new official Eclipse … Read entire article »

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This week’s giveaway – Hand-tailored Jacket from Maison Mutt

Congrats to last week’s winner of the Sassy Teal Necklace and Bracelet – Amy We’ll be sending you an email from to get your mailing address. This week’s giveaway… Hand-Tailored Jacket from Maison Mutt. Off to the Races! Whether you’re off to the races or just horsin’ around, your pooch is sure to be a triple crown winner when he sports this hand-tailored jacket from Maison Mutt! Measuring 10.5 inches from neck to tail, it’s a perfect fit for your Bichon Frise, Boston terrier, French bulldog or miniature poodle. Be sure to measure your pup from the base of the neck to the beginning of the tail for perfect fit. For more instructions on how to measure go to: and click on Jacket Tailoring. Here’s how to enter… Just add a comment below, and you’ll be entered … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: The weather spotter

To say this past weekend’s weather found me a little on edge would be an understatement. For several days, weather forecasters had placed a bull’s eye on Kentucky, where the atmosphere was prime for tornadoes. Strong tornadoes. Words like that always take me back to the deadly twister outbreaks on April 3, 1974. I still remember that day with great clarity. I’d been staying with a friend for a few days – Mom and Dad were somewhere in Georgia, driving back home. We were outside playing T-ball in the warm and windy sunshine, when her mother told us we were under a tornado watch. As the afternoon progressed, my sense of unease grew. My friend totally dismissed me. “Nothing’s gonna happen,” she’d said. Oh, really? I thought. You’re the same girl who was driving … Read entire article »

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Get your party on: 4/25-5/1

In my humble opinion, it’s pretty slim pickins’ where holidays are concerned this week. So much so that we’re gonna skate past them, in order to fast-forward to the end of the week. First, let’s celebrate Hairstyle Appreciation Day on April 30. I suppose the best way to celebrate is to look in the mirror and exclaim that you like your current hairstyle. If, for whatever reasons, you find this a tough assignment, take a look at some of these hairstyles. Surely after getting a look at these, you’re ready to go to the mirror afterall, and truly appreciate your hairstyle. The 30th is also National Hairball Awareness Day. I have a feeling that anyone who owns a cat is well aware of hairballs, and probably doesn’t need to be reminded … Read entire article »

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Recipe of the week – French Toast BLT’s

Cheater French Toast BLTs It’s Friday, so that means it’s once again cheater recipe time. So what’s a “Cheater” recipe? It’s a way to end up with a delicious home cooked meal, side dish or dessert without spending lots of time to get there. This week’s recipe comes courtesy of  Cooking with Paula Deen. m m French Toast BLT’s Ingredients 1 (16-ounce) loaf sourdough bread 4 large eggs 1 cup whole milk 1/4 cup butter 1 cup shredded Swiss cheese 1 cup shredded lettuce 1 cup diced tomatoes 1/3 cup cooked and crumbled bacon Instructions Cut bread into 1-inch-thick slices. Set aside. In a shallow dish, lightly beat eggs and milk. Dip bread slices into egg mixture, coating both sides. In a large skillet, melt butter over medium heat. Cook bread, for 1 to 2 minutes per side, or … Read entire article »

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The Joneses – movie review by Kate

The Joneses – movie reviews by Kate Reel reviews for real people Rating: R Genre: Comedy Plot: If ever there was a film that was perfectly attuned to the current Zeitgeist, it would be THE JONESES. First-time writer/director Derrick Borte imbues a serious core theme– the wobbly undercurrents of a frenetic consumer culture–with humor, warmth and shots of clever, zesty fun. Borte begins the film by showing us ourselves – or at least who we often aspire to be. We meet Steve Jones (David Duchovny), his wife Kate (Demi Moore) and their children Jenn (Amber Heard) and Mick (Ben Hollingsworth) as they move into their monster home in an affluent suburb of a city somewhere in America. Friendly, confident and very good-looking, they are also loaded with the coolest, newest stuff. The Joneses are much more … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: Top 10 ways to procrastinate

Some days, writing articles for money is about as enjoyable as a trip to the dentist. In fact, there are days it’s so painful that I employ a variety of methods – whether it be using several tactics at once or spreading them out to further delay the inevitable. Needless to say, yesterday was one of those days. As much as I hate to admit this, I have the process of procrastination down to a science, evidenced by the day’s accomplishments (or lack thereof…). So without further ado, I bring you my Top 10 ways to procrastinate: (Reader warning: don’t try this at home.) Step 1:  Denial. If you deny the fact that your work has to be completed right this second, you can easily talk yourself into incorporating the next nine steps. Step … Read entire article »

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LOST 6.12 Everybody Loves Hugo – recap by Evie

LOST 6.12 : Everybody Loves Hugo Los Angeles Pierre Chang is hosting an event honoring Hugo Reyes. Good old Hurley and his love for chicken, Pierre tells us, have enabled his franchise to prosper and his philanthropic activities to grow. Photos are shown to the audience of Mr. Cluck’s restaurants in Paris, Japan, and Cairo. Hurley used his lottery winnings to purchase a Mr. Cluck’s restaurant. Since his luck wasn’t bad after the win in this alternate reality, I’m guessing that Tricia Tanaka wasn’t killed when the meteor, and the restaurant wasn’t destroyed. Hurley has helped to fund parks, schools, hospitals, The Humane Society, zoos, an experimental farm, and a new wing on the anthropology museum. (Probably the same museum where Daniel spotted Charlotte.) Yes, all is well with millionaire Hurley. Except for his … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Escapades – to flush or not to flush

Today dear readers, I am stooping to a new all-time personal low here on Coffee Break. (Liz reached this low months back with her Gotta go? story.) Until now, I have refrained, suppressed and tolerated, but I think it’s high time we bring a problem of this magnitude out into the open. Surely others of you have found yourselves in the same uncomfortable predicament. So what’s my topic for today? Automatic flush toilets in public restrooms, of course. Yep, you read that right. I’m gonna talk about toilets today. What’s my complaint? It’s that those wonderful inventions, the automatic flush toilets, just can’t seem to  flush at the appropriate time. Aren’t you glad you stopped by Coffee Break today? In this germ-a-phobic society, automatic flush toilets are seemingly a necessity. No more touching … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: Let sleeping dogs lie

As all you readers of Weekly Palooza know, there’s a new member of our family – my “nephew” Murray. Murray came into the world on Groundhog Day, 2010 and became an official member of the family just more than a week ago. Perhaps I should explain. Murray is an English bulldog. My first meeting with Murray left me unsatisfied. I’d gone to my brother’s shop to meet him and found him sprawled out on the floor, fast asleep (the dog… not my brother). Not to be deterred, I proceeded to join him and the floor, where I relentlessly pestered him for at least 30 minutes. Think of it much like a trip to see a new baby. You really don’t care if the new mom will be left trying to get the baby … Read entire article »

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This week’s giveaway – Sassy Teal Necklace and Bracelet

Congrats to the winner of last week’s slouch purse – Janice Zacharias. We’ll be contacting you by email from to get your mailing address so we can get that right out to you. This week’s giveaway – Sassy Teal Necklace and Bracelet Here’s how to enter… Just add a comment below, and you’ll be entered to win! Want to enter again? Go to the home page, take a look around and comment on another story! It’s as simple as that! Enter as many times as you’d like. More entry details… There are several ways to enter.  You may choose to enter one way, or you may choose to do them all.  It’s up to you.  The more times you enter, the more you increase your chances  to win. Leave a comment on this post between now and Sun., … Read entire article »

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