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Introducing KitchenKuffs – Liz’s Rave!

There are several statements that take place in our house over and over again: Pick up your dirty clothes Chew with your mouth closed Throw away your trash And my all-time least favorite: Can someone come push up my sleeves?!?! PLEASE!?!? Well, Kate, bar the door, those days are gone. May I present: KitchenKuffs!!! That’s right, people. It’s time to say goodbye to soggy sleeves! The brainchild of Barbara Doran, KitchenKuffs mean you’ll never have suds-soaked cuffs (or anything else, for that matter) on … read more

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Top signs spring has sprung – Liz’s rant

  Yesterday marked the warmest day of the year for many here in Kentucky – Louisville hit a record high of 90 degrees. Not bad for the second week of April. So I thought we’d briefly explore some of the tell-tale signs that spring fever has hit you. You find yourself at the store with a cart full of flowers and plants, and are filled with a strange urge to fight anyone who takes that nice looking geranium that has the biggest red blooms. You pull out all your summer clothes in full knowledge that the temperatures won’t stay this way consistently – at least not for a few more weeks. But out of spite, you pack away every last item that remotely reminds you of winter (even that light-weight jacket you’ll be … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: The sink is shiny. I hope you’re happy.

As you may know, Kate did a piece a couple of weeks ago, where she’d found the perfect way to clean house, etc. Unfortunately, I took the bait, followed the link, and decided that I, too, could make my house everything I wanted it to be. Forget that she was getting massive emails to achieve this perfection. I’d just delete them. But somewhere along the way, I got sucked in to the wicked world of shiny sinks. Don’t misunderstand me – on its face, it isn’t that bad. You shine your sink every night, you wake up to a shiny sink, and all is right with the world. You declutter little by little and before you know it, your house is a FLY house, if you will. Now the original Flylady will insist … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Escapades – The 15 minute challenge

The other day I was flitting around on the internet, browsing through some sites trying to get  ideas on how to be more organized and productive. I suffer from the same problem that many people have these days, too much to do and too little time to do it in. I reasoned, I can’t change how much stuff I have to do, and I can’t change the amount of hours in a day, so I had better figure out how to use my time more wisely to get more done. I found a great site full of tons of good stuff. Organizing tips. Cleaning tips. Motivational pep talks. Everything I was looking for, all rolled up into one great site. It was a site where you have to join, but it … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Escapades – Validation of my Procrastination

I’ve been putting it off for over a week now. Procrastinating. Justifying. Ignoring. Avoiding. What is this thing that is so dreaded that I am putting so much energy into NOT doing it? This chore that I’m working so hard at forgetting? I’m talking about taking down the Christmas decorations, of course. Sure, they are all fun and exciting and sparkly in November, when I just can’t wait to crack open the red and green storage tubs to see my holiday treasures that have been hidden away for almost a year. But by the time the first week of January hits, those very same precious  snowmen, Santas and ornaments have become dusty, commonplace and overlooked. Suddenly they have evolved into one of my least favorite household duties. Every day for  the past week … Read entire article »

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Betcha Didn’t Know – these surprising uses for coffee filters: Tip 1

Betcha Didn’t know… this surprising use for a coffee filter! Shine your mirrors. A cheaper alternative to paper towels, coffee filters clean glass surfaces without leaving lint or streaks behind. Tomorrow…Tip 2. … Read entire article »

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Betcha Didn’t Know – These surprising uses for Olive Oil

Betcha didn’t know… these surprising uses for olive oil. * As furniture polish.  Mix 3 parts oil with 1 part vinegar. It works on all finished wood surfaces – and on stainless steel too. * As a zipper fixer. Dip a cotton swab in olive oil and spread on a stuck zipper. This should have you zipping in no time. * As a makeup remover.  Dilute the olive oil with some water and use as a makeup remover. It’s gentle and moisturizing and cheaper that drugstore makeup remover. … Read entire article »

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Liz’s Rant: When pigs fly

My teenager is not a good patient when she’s sick. Case in point? It’s Friday night and she’s complaining of a suspected sinus infection and a bad headache. “Can I get you something to eat?” “I don’t know…” “Are you thirsty?” “I don’t know…” “Well, what do you know?” “I don’t know…” I ladled out soup for the rest of us, then returned to the family room for dinner around the TV (it was the  weekend – back off). About   five minutes later, a scratchy little voice said, “Can I have some of your soup?” “Of course you can honey.” Talk about a regrettable decision… Because in no time  she was shivering with a nice  case of the chills. By the next morning, her status hadn’t improved and we were in the midst of a holiday weekend. Luckily, there’s … Read entire article »

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Betcha Didn’t Know…This Kitchen Gunk Removal Tip

Betcha didn’t know… this quick and easy way to remove built up kitchen gunk from your stove.  Just pour some cooking oil on a paper towel and wipe off the gunk.  Then just remove residue with some warm soapy water and a sponge. Enjoy your Coffee Break! … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: Of mice and mad

Remember when I had a little issue with a mouse in the house? Well, they’re back. And it’s not even late fall. I likely wouldn’t have known had I not decided to fix muffins for breakfast (yet more proof that cooking is over-rated at best). I heated up the oven and reached into the oven drawer to get the muffin tin, only to find nasty little black pellets in 11 of 12 muffin rounds. Alas the muffin baking was promptly canceled and I was sick at my stomach. I yelled for my son and announced the dilemma, at which point he started making those creeped-out gestures. I told him we were in for another fight – that I’d need his help with this one (at which point, he asked to go out and … Read entire article »

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Guest Rant: Dr. Fly, the experiment guy

Hello, dear Coffee Break readers! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Fruit E. Fly. Some of you might remember me from the school lab. In fact, I’m still there – constantly experimenting with everyday household items, finding new ways to make your life easier. Oh, it’s a thankless job, alright. But it’s the only job I have. Oh well, I’ll save the rest of my troubles for my daily therapy session. Meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy some of these ingenious uses for Coca Cola. Sometimes I surprise myself with all this knowledge. So grab a can of Coke and let’s experiment: Remove grease stains, rust stains and blood stains Clean oil stains from a garage floor Loosen a rusty bolt by pouring Coke on it. Watching it fizzle is half … Read entire article »

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Guest Rant: Procrastination Marmalade
Marcie Coulter

Did you know that procrastination is rising to the level of a mental health issue? That procrastination is causing us to be poorer and fatter? And that men are worse than women? Duh – of course you did. We all do. But just in case your jury was still out, here’s an article that might help. Or not. Until recently, I thought procrastination was bad, bad, bad.  Below are a “few” of my validating bullet points: A link to a non-profit organization determined to stamp out Procrastination. “O, The Oprah Magazine life coach Martha Beck explains how to overcome the “knowing-doing gap” and stop putting important tasks off. Get Info To Help You Live A Healthy Life. Discover the Clarity that … Read entire article »

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Betcha Didn’t Know…

Betcha Didn’t Know… how to remove remove melted plastic from your toaster… Once the toaster is completely cool and unplugged, here are a few tips to try removing melted plastic from the side of a toaster. You may want to test a small area first to make sure the finish on the toaster won’t be harmed or scratched. How To Remove Melted Plastic From Toaster * Dab nail polish remover on a cloth, then rub away the plastic * Dab WD40 on a cloth, then rub away plastic * Try rubbing alcohol on a cloth, then scrub away plastic * Heat toaster again until plastic is soft, unplug toaster then firmly wipe off plastic with a damp cloth. Wash out the cloth then lightly sprinkle on some baking soda while cloth is still wet* and rub gently … Read entire article »

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Betcha didn’t know…

Have plastic bowls or containers that have been stained or discolored?  Here’s an easy way to remove the stain.  Squeeze a fresh lemon into the container and add a tablespoon of baking soda and enough water to cover the stain.  Let sit overnight and the stains should wash away. ~Kate Enjoy your Coffee Break! … Read entire article »

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Betcha Didn’t Know…

Here’s a tip for cleaning out your slimy, smelly garbage disposal.  Just cut  a lemon or lime in half and run both pieces through the disposal. It will be fresh and clean smelling before you know it! Kate … Read entire article »

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