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Liz’s rant: Fast and Festive Fall Centerpiece

I needed a break from writing yesterday, but still felt the need to be creative. While I don’t really do much in the line of decorating for Halloween or Thanksgiving, I do enjoy bringing a touch of fall into the house. Just so you know, this isn’t a Liz Original. I think I ran across the idea at some point last year, when Coffee Break brought you the Craftdown to Christmas. And for whatever reason, it came to mind as a perfectly simple yet snazzy idea to try. Frankly, I’m pretty pleased. I think you will be, too! So here’s how you make this centerpiece: What you’ll need: A pumpkin or gourd Fresh or artificial fall flowers About 15 minutes How to do it: Cut the top off the pumpkin, as if you were making a jack-0-lantern, …

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