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(Almost) spring break – Liz’s rant

We thought you’d get a kick over Liz’s little spring break mishap from last year. Enjoy! The chaos began about 8:15 last night, with a call from my brother: “Is Colton still up? Why isn’t he in bed, yet?” First, I’d like to point out that even on school nights, Colton is never in bed by 8:15. But I played along. “He’s on spring break this week – burning the midnight oil.” “Uh… you may want to  double check that.” What did … canadian propecia rx

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i need help with my science homework

Introducing KitchenKuffs – Liz’s Rave!

There are several statements that take place in our house over and over again: Pick up your dirty clothes Chew with your mouth closed Throw away your trash And my all-time least favorite: Can someone come push up my sleeves?!?! PLEASE!?!? Well, Kate, bar the door, those days are gone. May I present: KitchenKuffs!!! That’s right, people. It’s time to say goodbye to soggy sleeves! The brainchild of Barbara Doran, KitchenKuffs mean you’ll never have suds-soaked cuffs (or anything else, for that matter) on … Read entire article »

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Caution: Zombies Ahead – Liz’s rant

Ever have one of those days where you wake up and wonder what’s wrong with people? I have those mornings more than I care to admit. Today is no exception. As you probably know, hacking is apparently all the rage these days. From Wiki-Leaks to Sony to Mastercard, it would appear no one is safe from the hackers and their misguided quest to create chaos. Not even road signs. Enter this story, which, much to my chagrin, played out just a few miles from my humble abode: Then I came across this headline:Police: Man Tries Steal Cop’s Car, Blames ‘Batman’ And there’s the story of the dad who slept in the passenger seat while his 8-year-old cruised at a cool 70 mph down the highway. That’s rich, huh? Taking the cake, though, was a headline … Read entire article »

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Daughters, Marines and heat exhaustion – Liz’s rant

Last weekend, my daughter headed to North Carolina with her future in-laws (Lee and Cheryl) to welcome home our Marine, Adam, who has been serving in Afghanistan for more than seven months. There were months that went fairly quickly in retrospect, but some days seemed to take a year to get through. So I’m sure it comes as no surprise that Hannah was more than a little anxious to make the trip. As is typical with my daughter, she arrived in North Carolina making quite the grand entrance. I should’ve seen it coming I guess. The first sign that she was off to a rocky start came before she’d gotten out of the county: she’d forgotten the “welcome home” sign that she’d worked on so diligently. So she’d just have to … Read entire article »

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The garden that didn’t grow – Liz’s rant

I am despondent. Totally, utterly despondent, I tell ya. Why? Because yesterday, I pulled up my three cucumber plants. Total summer yield: three cucumbers. Well, one was so large that I nicknamed it a zucchumber. I think it tipped the ruler at more than a foot in length. It doesn’t matter, though. I don’t grow them to break records. I grow them to pick when they’re approaching the perfect pickle cucumber size. Which is really tough to do when it doesn’t begin to ripen until it’s already a monster. So I’ll not even count the zucchumber. Meaning this gardening season has been an almost certain bust. No more visions of cucumber salads. No more visions of bread and butter and Kosher dill pickles to can. No more sliced cucumbers with salt, … Read entire article »

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The feathers are flyin’ – Liz’s rant

Remember the last time you were packing 12 chickens around in your Dodge Neon and you needed to run into WalMart for something, so you thought to yourself, “Oh, I’m sure they’ll be fine if I barely crack the window. The heat index is only 117.” Me either. But apparently, someone with North Carolina plates in a central Kentucky WalMart who didn’t speak a lick of English was faced with just such a scenario this week. According to bystanders, the chickens were left in the car for about 30 minutes before police arrived on the scene and paged the car’s owner: “Attention WalMart shoppers. Will the customers with the dozen live chickens in their vehicle please come to the customer service desk?” … “Paging the chicken car people.” … The sounds of crickets chirping was broken … Read entire article »

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Will you take a quarter? – Liz’s rant

Perhaps I should begin by telling you that Summer, Bert and I had a yard sale over the weekend, in case you hadn’t already figured that out by the headline. Because I’m betting if you’ve ever held a yard sale, or been to a yard sale, you’ve heard these words before. Heck, you may have even said these words. I’m also betting that if you’ve ever held a yard sale, you can pretty much figure out where this is going. I’m probably getting ahead of myself, so let’s start at the beginning. Well, not the real beginning, where you go through everything you’ve owned, closely examining each item and assigning it value a scale of 1-10 – one being something you’ve never used or haven’t used in many years, 10 being … Read entire article »

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Don’t paint your nails, Mom – Liz’s rant

I was really hoping to jump right into Fourth of July preparations today, seeings how the celebrating America’s independence is right up there with Christmas as far as I’m concerned. But the festivities will have to wait. Because I – or should I say, my son – apparently has issues with finger nail polish where all things “mom” are concerned. It’s the darndest thing, I tell ya. My first hint that something was wrong came a few nights ago, when I came out of Hannah’s room with her basket of 847 bottles of nail polish, to see if somewhere in the mix there might possibly be a bottle of bright red (the perfect color for the 4th of July). “What are you doing, Mom?” “I’m going to paint my nails. Do you mind?” “Yes. … Read entire article »

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Warts: Nothing a shotgun can’t cure – Liz’s rant

I suppose it’s an age-old question: What do you do when a wart causes so much discomfort that you just can’t take it anymore? Bury a rag? Buy some Wart-B-Gone medicine? Have the doctor freeze it off? Do incantations? How about this novel approach? Try a shotgun. That’s right. Apparently Shaun Murphy of England recently took that route, after, in his mind, all other avenues that point toward relief had been blocked. According to  a story that appeared in The Telegraph, Murphy found the shotgun in a hedge, and, one would assume, figured, “Hey, I’ll just blast off this wart!” So he did what any self-inflicting, wart-hating, crazy person would do. He liquored up, took aim and fired. Try to contain your shock as I tell you the gun shot blew off most … Read entire article »

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A daughter and her car – Liz’s rant

Have you ever noticed that when things are good, as a parent, you can rank right up there with the bffs of the world. But when things are bad, you’re suddenly enemy No. 1? Let’s just say I’m currently Enemy No. 1 on my daughter’s list through no fault of my own. It seems her car has a slight problem (at least that’s how the women among us would likely term it). It’s running super hot and leaking a fluid. Which wasn’t on my daughter’s list of things to take care of last night with a double-header softball game four counties away. So I took the car for a spin before she left. And when the hot/cold gauge (does it have a real name? Oh, what does it matter) goes to hot after … Read entire article »

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Top Dish Tarragon Chicken – Liz’s rave

As you guys know, cooking is about as high on my list as a trip to the dreaded dentist. It’s not that I don’t like to cook. It’s more that I don’t like figuring out what to cook. Endless otherwise productive hours are spent coming up with something to fix, usually ending with me tossing some chicken nuggets in the oven and calling it done. But sometimes I out-do myself. Like last night. Granted, I’ve fixed many a dinner that I really like. But this dish is ranking up there with one of my all-time favorites. And for a chick who doesn’t like to eat her own cooking, that’s saying something. So I figured it would be fun to highlight those dishes that rise above the fray – that stand out … Read entire article »

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Clean your clarinet – Liz’s rant

Well, this is just gross. Not surprising, but gross to think about, nonetheless. Especially seeing how Kate and I were both clarinet players, among other instruments. And we were pretty good, too (if memory serves). Who hasn’t been in the band for that matter – or at least given it some consideration somewhere between fifth grade and high school?? Well, let’s just say that this study may find you playing a different tune. Or at the least, you’ll be sanitizing the ol’ tuba nightly :-). A recent study from Oklahoma State University Health Sciences Center has found that a plethora of bacteria, germs and even mold are happily hanging out and growing in school band instruments. The results have led to a call to not only clean and polish the outside, … Read entire article »

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Icing on the cake – Liz’s rant

NOTE: As our beloved Kate is still taking care of a family emergency, I decided to re-run one of my favorite posts which features one of my go-to websites – the site I frequent whenever I need a good laugh. Oh sure. I could’ve given you a super simple recipe.  But Kate is the queen of our recipes as you all know. So in her honor this week, we’re gonna laugh about other people’s bakery botches. My brother and his wife are expecting baby no. 2 in the next few weeks, (OK – update. Baby Franklin is 3 1/2 months old, now) so needless to say, baby showers are in the air, as it were. In fact, my sister-in-law’s office gave her a shower just last week. As far as I know, … Read entire article »

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The brightest bulb in the box? -Liz’s rant

Today, I bring you yet another head-spinner – this time, one that’s gonna hit you right in the wallet. And with gas at $4 a gallon (up 125 percent since January 2009, meaning we’re paying $1,000 more per year), food prices up 26 percent and one in seven Americans on food stamps, this one could go over like a lead balloon. A new 100-watt LED light bulb has recently been introduced to replace those incandescent bulbs we all know and love. For the low (low) price of $50, you, too, can own one of these bulbs. That’s right. Fifty dollars for a light bulb. I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised. If you’ve priced those dastardly curly-q bulbs, you already know they’re not cheap, either. Running roughly $4 and up for … Read entire article »

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It’s Primary Election Day- Get out and VOTE!

Note: Kate is out for the next few days due to a family emergency. I’m sure she’d appreciate it if you’d be so kind to keep her in your thoughts, and I trust she’ll bring you up to date soon. That being said, this story originally ran prior to the November 2010 elections. For some states (like Kentucky) primary elections are being held today. And the importance of casting your vote can never be overstated How many times have I brought you a story of the nanny-staters, who are h-e-double-hockey-sticks bent on telling you what’s best for you? Frankly, I’ve lost count. But a few past posts do come to mind: There was the candy tax and the soft drink seizure. Oh, don’t forget the … Read entire article »

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