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I’ll be the first to admit that the show selection on telly during the summertime is mighty slim pickins’. If you’ve been here before, you probably know I am an admitted reality show addict. In the summer, though, I generally take a break from the TV nonsense by doing other more productive things, like sitting out on the front porch listening to crickets chirp while enjoying an ice cold Coke Zero. This summer, however… ‘Yay!’ for the fact that The Voice is on. Double ‘Yay! Yay!’ for the fact that the contestant that some are calling the frontrunner, Dia, is a Utah gal and friend of my oldest daughter, Megan. In this house, we’ve been fans of the music of sisters, Meg and Dia, for many years. On Tuesday’s live episode of The …

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Kate needs an intervention – Liz’s rant

Hi. My name is Liz. And Kate is a reality show junkie. I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’ve heard reality show rumblings from Kate before. In fact, she’s followed a few of these shows in the past – right here on this website. I just didn’t realize how many shows Kate was watching. And to think I feel guilty for watching American Idol every week. To think that I spent almost sleepless nights wondering what the rest of the world would say, should they discover that, every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. sharp, I’m glued to the TV, listening to the voices of angels (well, sometimes) fill my living room with music.. All to find out that my dear bff Kate is not only watching American Idol, she’s watching … Read entire article »

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Reality Check – Kate’s Escapades

A week or so ago, I was scrolling through the playlist of my recorded TV shows and noticed something that kind of surprised me; about 60% of the shows on our list were reality shows. Then I started paying attention to what shows were on our 3 TVs during the next week. Truthfully, it’s like ‘Reality Central’ around here. Sure, there was a spattering here and there of ‘real’ TV shows, you know, the ones with actors and scripts, but for the most part, reality TV is pretty dang big at our house. I’m wondering what in the world this says about my family? Sure, we watch the typical popular reality shows that it seems all of America is tuned into: American Idol (my fav is Casey Abrams) , Dancing with the … Read entire article »

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This week on The Bachelorette: episode 1

The new season of The Bachelorette started Monday night (May 24,2101) with new bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky meeting her 25 eligible bachelors. According to the ABC Bachelorette website, Ali Fedotowsky is back and this time, love not work, is number one on her agenda. “I definitely have a lot of regret,” she says of her decision to leave Jake Pavelka to return to her job — one she’s now quit! “I’m ready to move forward,” she swears. “Bring on those boys. I’m excited.” She’s hoping her journey will end “with tears in my eyes and I’m looking at man down on one knee, asking me to be his wife.” After meeting all the guys and going through the usual corny attempts to make  good first impression, Ali gives the first impression rose to Roberto. … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Escapades – The Great Bachelorette Debate

I am having a great debate within myself.  The intellectual, grown-up side of me (quit laughing, Liz) is telling me to be strong and resist temptation.  The frivolous, immature side of me is telling to just give in. It’s just once a week. What will it hurt, after all? What is the cause of this worrisome dilemma? Well, it’s the start of a new season of The Bachelorette, of course. I know. I know. Don’t even say it. The commercials always begin a few weeks before the first episode. At my first glimpse of the commercial, I roll my eyes and say out loud  to whom ever is within earshot (in my best disgusted voice),”Oh geez. Not again! Another season of the stupid Bachelor/Bachelorette show! I hate how last season’s show ended. … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Escapades – Prepare to be amazed

I’ll admit it. I’m a fan of the whole reality show genre. I’m always game for a good episode of Survivor or Project Runway (welcome back). Over the years though, I’ve kind of lost some of my excitement for the talent-type shows, America’s Got Talent being a prime example. The “talent” just seems so homogenized, and even a tad bit boring. How many singers, dancers, magicians can we watch before we venture off to a rerun of CSI, after all? m Seems that is not the case with the Ukraine version of  “______ Got Talent”. Last season’s winner was a sand animator. What? A sand animator? What’s  sand animator? Her name is Kseniya Simonova and she creates her art in sand scattered on an illuminated table. As she is creating her sand … Read entire article »

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This week on The Bachelor – Finale

Well, this is it folks. The bachelor, Jake has made his pick. It’s the moment we’ve been dreading for weeks. It’s the moment we could all see coming, and yet we still held out a slim hope that by some strange miraculous series of events, Jake would realize what we’ve been saying all along,”Don’t do it Jake. Don’t pick Vienna.” But he did it anyway…and proposed to Vienna. All we can do is hope that Jake really did find true love and that Vienna is not the girl we’ve come to know on the show. Also…Jake will be dancing on this season of Dancing with the Stars. m m And the new bachelorette is none other than fan fav, Ali. Read a full recap of the episode here. Read recaps of all the Bachelor episodes … Read entire article »

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LOST Recap – 6.3 “What Kate Does” – by Evie

What Kate Does – Lost 6.3 by Evie This Kate-centric episode shows her at the airport hijacking a cab occupied by Claire. Arzt is crossing the sidewalk and having a problem with his luggage so the cab driver stops for a moment. Kate looks out the window and sees Jack talking on his cell phone. She looks at him like she recognizes him but can’t quite place who he is. Not far from the airport, the cab driver jumps out of the cab, so Kate gets into the driver’s seat and kicks Claire out without her purse or suitcase. Kate finds a garage and the attendant helps her remove the handcuffs. I was expecting the man to be someone we’d seen in the past. It seems like the people our Losties meet … Read entire article »

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This Week on the Bachelor – Episode 6

This week on the Bachelor – episode 6 (For other Bachelor episode recaps…click here!) The Bachelor roller coaster ride continued this week with more shocking and surprising developments. It’s down to four girls (Gia, Ali, Tenley, and Vienna) and they all get to take Jake to their hometowns for for family time. Each tried to secure her place in Jake’s heart. m m It’s hometown date time, and first off Jake heads to New York City, hometown of Gia. They shared a romantic boat ride where Gia told Jake about her past bad luck with finding a good man. Jake meets her mom and brother (who has a luke warm impression of Jake), and the mom seems a bit like a psycho with the whole tarot card reading at the end. m m fvfm Next up is the … Read entire article »

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LOST Recap – LA X part 1 (2/2/10) by Evie

2/2/10  This week on LOST – LA X Part I by Evie Wow! The producers of LOST did it again. In the first few minutes of the beginning of “LA X part I”, I found myself saying, “Whaaat?!”.  Apparently Juliet was successful in detonating Jughead and the white light transitioned to clouds out the small window of Oceanic flight 815, at least I assume it was Oceanic flight 815. Jack is staring out the window and when he turns around his facial expression is one of confusion. Jack and Rose have the same conversation (well almost the same) as the beginning of the series way back in Season 1. You remember Season 1, right? When we thought we were simply watching a show about the unfortunate survivors of a plane that crashed … Read entire article »

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This week on the Bachelor – Episode 5

Read recaps of all the Bachelor episodes This week on the Bachelor – Episode 5 Five girls remain and Jake and the girls spend some time in San Francisco. The episode begins with a one on one date with Tenley, who Jake really seams to like. They site see, ride in a trolley and open fortune cookies which say “Kiss Me” which they do. OK…am I the only one who saw the clip weeks ago where Tenley told Jake she was pregnant. I think that was 2 episodes ago. What is up with that? And now she is in the final four!? Next comes a two on one date with Vienna and Gia. Vienna of course tries to monopolize the time, but Jake takes Gia off alone and they spend some time talking … Read entire article »

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This week on The Bachelor – Episode 4

Check out all of The Bachelor Episode Recaps Bachelor Jake is full of surprises this week once again, as he sends 4 girls packing, leaving only five girls standing by the end of the rose ceremony. The episode begins with the nine remaining girls (Gia, Corrie, Tenley, Ali, Jesse, Kathryn, Ashleigh, Ella and Vienna) being told to pack up their things because they were leaving the mansion and heading out in RV’s to drive up the CA coast. Gia is happy to be selected for her first one-on-one date with Jake. He is curious to see how the big city New York girl will adjust to the low key roughing it date. They end up playing spin the bottle and kiss. Gia says, “It was the best kiss of my life,” and receives … Read entire article »

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This week on The Bachelor –
week 3

Check out the updates from all of the episodes of this season’s, The Bachelor! This week on The Bachelor – week 3 The drama continued in this week’s episode of The Bachelor. So far, this season has been chock full of drama, surprises and some intense emotions. It’s no secret that the rest of the girls have chosen Vienna to be the token “hated” girl of the season. She has no idea when to shut up and obviously has serious issues relating to other girls. The episode starts with a one-on-one date between Jake and, of course, Vienna. It seems they both have a fear of heights (even though Jake is a pilot, hmmmm), so of course the logical date would be to go bungee jumping off a very high bridge. They … Read entire article »

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This week on The Bachelor – Episode 2

Check out the updates from all of the episodes of this season’s, The Bachelor! This week on the Bachelor…Episode 2 Jake’s search for true love continued as the 15 girls vied for his attention. First up was a group date for a photo shoot and after party. Rozlyn gets a rose after kissing Jake and he says she is “Really mysterious. Definitely out of my comfort zone.” and Christina gets too tipsy to have an intellingent conversation with Jake. m Next Ali, my personal favorite, gets a one on one date with Jake to go flying. Who could have called that one? Me. She is the one who is terrified of flying, but it turned out well and she was a trooper. m m Group date two: a trip with the girls to an amusement park where … Read entire article »

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The Bachelor is back! Jake returns!

Check out the updates from all of the episodes of this season’s, The Bachelor! At the end of every season of the Bachelor(and the Bachelorette) I swear I will never again watch another season. So what could have possibly lured me into another round of this ridiculous show? Answer: Jake. You remember, the sweet handsome pilot from last season who got kicked off because he was too nice! Really? Too nice? How is that even possible? Anyway, Jake, a 31 year old pilot from Denton, Tx., is back and as sweet and handsome as ever. He’ll be spending the next several weeks narrowing the field of 25 girls down to one. In tonight’s episode, Jake  selected 15 girls  to receive roses in this first, of many, rose ceremonies to come. Here … Read entire article »

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