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Lost 6.16  “What They Died For” recap by Evie I am so glad we have technology that allows us to rewatch our favorite TV shows the next day. I can’t even remember what Jacob said they died for, which is the title of this episode. It starts off with Jack waking up in his bed and going to the bathroom mirror where he sees his neck is bleeding. I’ve already lost track of how long it’s been since they landed at LAX but I’m going to assume this is the same cut on his neck that he noticed he had on the plane. I’m predicting that the cut is from the final battle with Smoke Monster Locke but that’s as far as my theory goes. Jack and his son are at the breakfast table …

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LOST 6.14 The Candidate & LOST 6.15 Across the Sea – recaps by Evie

Sorry, fans. Finals week put me behind on my recaps. But it’s OK because the episodes go in completely different directions. I’ll quickly give you some mini-caps at what happened on both The Candidate and Across the Sea. LOST 6:14 the Candidate Locke in LA: Jack just finished surgery after the car “accident” with Desmond. Jack wants to know how it happened. Jack wants to try out a new procedure that could repair his previous injury which we find out was caused by a small plane crash. Locke had just gotten his pilot license and he was taking his dad for a ride.  Claire finds Jack at the hospital and shows him a box that their father left for her. Neither of them have any idea why. It’s a music box that … Read entire article »

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LOST 6.13 – The Last Recruit recap by Evie

LOST 6.13: The Last Recruit Island Reality This episode picks up right where it left off last week. Jack and his gang walked into the camp of the Black Smoke Monster. Jack gets permission from Hurley to have a private discussion with Fake Locke. Jack isn’t bothered by the fact that the smoke monster looks just like John Locke but he is bothered that he has no idea what the hell the black-smoke-monster-thing-that-looks-like-John-Locke-is. Fake Locke replies, “Sure you do.” As in, “sure you have an idea of what I am.” Jack, this would have been another great time to NOT change the subject.  I would have loved to have heard a better explanation from Smokey or some intelligent guess from Jack. *sigh* Fake Locke tells Jack that he chose John Locke because Locke was stupid … Read entire article »

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LOST 6.12 Everybody Loves Hugo – recap by Evie

LOST 6.12 : Everybody Loves Hugo Los Angeles Pierre Chang is hosting an event honoring Hugo Reyes. Good old Hurley and his love for chicken, Pierre tells us, have enabled his franchise to prosper and his philanthropic activities to grow. Photos are shown to the audience of Mr. Cluck’s restaurants in Paris, Japan, and Cairo. Hurley used his lottery winnings to purchase a Mr. Cluck’s restaurant. Since his luck wasn’t bad after the win in this alternate reality, I’m guessing that Tricia Tanaka wasn’t killed when the meteor, and the restaurant wasn’t destroyed. Hurley has helped to fund parks, schools, hospitals, The Humane Society, zoos, an experimental farm, and a new wing on the anthropology museum. (Probably the same museum where Daniel spotted Charlotte.) Yes, all is well with millionaire Hurley. Except for his … Read entire article »

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LOST 6.11 Happily Ever After – recap by Evie

LOST 6.11 : Happily Ever After I’m not sure how many days after Desmond was shot by Benjamin Linus this episode takes place. Des is still beat up a bit, but Ben seems to have healed. Maybe the island has healed him faster or maybe the timeline is off just a bit for the sake of storytelling. So Desmond was brought back to the island against his will by his father-in-law but Charles assured Des that Penny and little Charlie are safe. I wonder how that all went down. Charles tells Desmond that the island isn’t done with him yet and we find out he’s being led to a Jurassic Park-ish container where we’re going to find out if he can withstand another electromagnetic event. Widmore’s crew was supposed to test it … Read entire article »

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LOST 6.10 – The Package recap by Evie

LOST 6.10 : The Package recap, summary and commentary by Evie Sun and Jin still haven’t found one another on the island. We still don’t know if Sun speaks English in the alternate reality. I assumed she did, but now I’m not so sure. When she banged her head into the tree while running away from Fake Locke, and subsequently lost her ability to speak English, it made me wonder if that was a clue to what’s going on off-island. And sometimes it sure looks like Jin understands people who are speaking to him in English. Jin didn’t get his money back at the airport when 815 landed in LA. Jin admits to Sun that he didn’t know what the money was for because her father gave it to him to deliver … Read entire article »

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LOST 6.9 – Ab Aeterno recap by Evie

LOST 6.9 : Ab Aeterno Recap, summary and commentary by Evie Ab Aeterno is Latin for “From the Everlasting”, or “From the Eternal”. Richard Alpert, the advisor on the island for a very long time, has concluded that his entire life has no purpose. He is angry at Jacob and thinks that he has lied about everything. Jacob’s visit to, and subsequent conversation with, Ilana in the Russian hospital is further revealed. Jacob did not ask her to protect himself as was previously implied, but to protect the remaining six candidates. I have a hard time believing that Ilana is a bad guy, but it’s getting easier and easier to believe that Jacob could be the villain and not the Man in Black. Jacob tells Ilana, who is all bandaged up in the hospital … Read entire article »

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LOST 6.8 – Recon recap by Evie

LOST 6.8 : Recon On the island This episode starts out on the beach where Jin tells Sawyer they gotta go before Evil-Locke (whom I’m now going to refer to as Fake Locke, because I am still wondering if the writers are going to throw in a twist, and Jacob is really going to end up being the bad guy) gets back, but Jin can’t believe Sawyer is “with” Locke. (Sawyer later tells Kate he’s not “with” anyone.) Too late. Locke, Claire, Sayid, Kate, and the Others who chose to go with Locke, and avoided being murdered by the smoke monster, arrive back at the beach. Kate follows Claire into her tent and sees the coolest inanimate prop since Wilson in Castaway. Squirrel Baby! Claire’s replacement for Aaron. I wonder if we’ll ever … Read entire article »

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LOST 6.7 Dr. Linus recap by Evie

LOST 6.7 : Dr. Linus Another great episode! Off island revelations: Ben is teaching his European History class about Napoleon’s exile to the island Elba. Napoleon’s biggest trial wasn’t being banished but losing his power. Sounds like Ben’s island experience. Ben still seeks power – He planned to take over as Principal of the school where he teaches European History. Locke, the substitute teacher, encourages him to make a change in administration. Ben’s dad is an old man under the care of Ben. They had still gone to the island with the Dharma Initiative but left at some point to live off island. Dad Linus wonders what would have happened if they had stayed; perhaps things would have been better for Ben. Alex Rousseau is one of Dr. Linus’ history students.  Ben is tutoring her and … Read entire article »

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LOST – 6.6 Sundown recap by Evie

LOST 6.6  Sundown recap by Evie This episode focuses on Sayid. Off the island, Sayid’s brother borrowed money from someone to open a new store and he wants Sayid to bring out his torturing equipment to stop the man from collecting on the loan. Apparently he’s making the brother pay interest for as long as he owns the business. Sayid says “No Way!” The brother is attacked by the debtor and Sayid thinks about going after them but Nadia, who is married to Sayid’s brother, talks him out of it. At the hospital Dr. Jack passes Sayid in the hall. Sayid tells Nadia that he pushed her toward marrying his brother because he doesn’t deserve her after all the horrible things he’s done. I was very surprised that Sayid did not end … Read entire article »

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LOST – follow up to “What Kate Does” by Evie

LOST   follow up to last week’s episode. First of all, my apologies to those of you who genuinely enjoyed the last episode, What Kate Does. Perhaps I was too harsh in my judgment of not enough answers. Erika at Long Live reminded me that we fell in love with LOST way back when there wasn’t a lot of action. Shannon was sunbathing, Jack was going through suit cases looking for supplies, Charlie was playing his guitar. On the other hand there wasn’t a whole lot of crazy mystery either that we were desperate to have answered. While I was visiting LLL I read a couple of interesting things I missed so I thought I’d share. When Kate was going through Claire’s bag at the garage after being de-handcuffed, she saw the stuffed … Read entire article »

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LOST Recap – 6.3 “What Kate Does” – by Evie

What Kate Does – Lost 6.3 by Evie This Kate-centric episode shows her at the airport hijacking a cab occupied by Claire. Arzt is crossing the sidewalk and having a problem with his luggage so the cab driver stops for a moment. Kate looks out the window and sees Jack talking on his cell phone. She looks at him like she recognizes him but can’t quite place who he is. Not far from the airport, the cab driver jumps out of the cab, so Kate gets into the driver’s seat and kicks Claire out without her purse or suitcase. Kate finds a garage and the attendant helps her remove the handcuffs. I was expecting the man to be someone we’d seen in the past. It seems like the people our Losties meet … Read entire article »

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LOST Recap- LA X part 2 (2/2/10) by Evie

2/2/10 This week on LOST – LA X Part II by Evie (Want to read about LOST – LA X Part 1? Click here!) More new characters are introduced. New characters usually mean more questions, but I think their purpose will be to explain the island’s distant past including Jacob, the Man in Black/Smoke Monster (I hope we learn his real name), Richard/Ricardus, and the Black Rock. This episode begins with Sawyer and Miles burying Juliet. Hurley, Jack, Kate, Jin, and stretcher-bound Sayid are entering the temple through the underground Smokey entrance where they find Montand’s remains. Kate does the logical thing and finds matches in the bag belonging to Montand who lost his arm back in the 1980’s. Hurley sees a book by Søren Kierkegaard; I can’t make out the name of the … Read entire article »

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LOST Recap – LA X part 1 (2/2/10) by Evie

2/2/10  This week on LOST – LA X Part I by Evie Wow! The producers of LOST did it again. In the first few minutes of the beginning of “LA X part I”, I found myself saying, “Whaaat?!”.  Apparently Juliet was successful in detonating Jughead and the white light transitioned to clouds out the small window of Oceanic flight 815, at least I assume it was Oceanic flight 815. Jack is staring out the window and when he turns around his facial expression is one of confusion. Jack and Rose have the same conversation (well almost the same) as the beginning of the series way back in Season 1. You remember Season 1, right? When we thought we were simply watching a show about the unfortunate survivors of a plane that crashed … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Escapades – Confessions of a LOST addict

Today is a big day.  As in A…BIG…DAY!  Just ask any LOST fan. It’s the day we have been waiting for nearly 9 months. Season 6 of LOST premiers tonight, people. I came into the strange world of LOST very late in the game. In fact, I have never watched a new episode  on TV with the rest of the world. (And because of that, I now have a wonderful relationship with Netflix.) I am proud to say that I am all caught up…5 entire seasons worth, and tonight I will be watching LOST with the rest of the crazies out there in the world. m Speaking of LOST crazies, I’d like to introduce to you Evie, a true LOST addict. She will be joining us on Coffee Break with Liz and Kate … Read entire article »

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