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I ran across a few predictions from the past that I found quite amusing. In many cases, had such predictions been accurate, our way of life would look nothing like it does today. There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.  -Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977 Oddly enough, there are three computers in this home… This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us. -Western Union internal memo, 1876. Again, we have three of those, too… The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular? -David Sarnoff’s associates in response to his urgings for … british library theses

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Liz’s rant: The weather spotter

To say this past weekend’s weather found me a little on edge would be an understatement. For several days, weather forecasters had placed a bull’s eye on Kentucky, where the atmosphere was prime for tornadoes. Strong tornadoes. Words like that always take me back to the deadly twister outbreaks on April 3, 1974. I still remember that day with great clarity. I’d been staying with a friend for a few days – Mom and Dad were somewhere in Georgia, driving back home. We were outside playing T-ball in the warm and windy sunshine, when her mother told us we were under a tornado watch. As the afternoon progressed, my sense of unease grew. My friend totally dismissed me. “Nothing’s gonna happen,” she’d said. Oh, really? I thought. You’re the same girl who was driving … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: Report – dumb down for your readership

Imagine my happiness when Kate called the other day to point out a new button on our site, which rates Coffee Break with Liz and Kate at a solid 97 percent! I was thrilled, I tell ya. Until she went further into details of what kept us from getting a higher grade. Apparently – according to this website grader – Kate and I need to dumb it down, as it were. I was appalled. And quite frankly, I think you should be appalled, too. This isn’t rocket science here. It’s a coffee break, for crying out loud. A place where we get to talk to you guys about a little bit of everything, hopefully giving you a good laugh or a fabu recipe, a helpful piece of advice or a reason to … Read entire article »

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Betcha Didn’t Know – these random and useless facts

Betcha didn’t know… these random and useless facts. These were sent to us by a Coffee Break reader.  While we can’t verify the correctness of all of these facts, we think they are funny, interesting, informative and, above all, useless. Perhaps these tidbits will help you win a game show sometime. If so, please remember us. Enjoy! -  The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as a substitute for blood plasma. -  No piece of paper can be folded in half more than seven (7) times. -  Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes. -  You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television. -  Oak trees do not produce acorns until they are fifty (50) years of age or older. -  The first product to have a bar code printed on its package … Read entire article »

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Liz’s Rant: Top Oddball Stories of 2009

As we continue breaking down our favorites of this year’s top 10 lists, I am compelled to move us toward what may well be one of the most entertaining of the all – the Top 10 Oddball Stories. So let’s, uh, hop right in! When Sweden burned bunnies for fuel this year, all the world was a tad taken aback. Let’s face it – it’s not every day when people gather up a few thousand bunnies for execution (as the Swedes do every year to counter the rapidly multiplying bunny population). But when the bunnies are burned as a fuel source, somehow that makes things worse. While I am not casting a vote in favor or opposition of this practice, I find it odd that the same people that seem to scream … Read entire article »

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Get your party on: 12/13-12/19

With the countdown to Christmas at T Minus 12 days, things are getting pretty hectic around here. I suspect the same is true for you guys. Although many of us are focused on the 24th and 25th, there are other holidays between now and then, believe it or not. Let’s begin with one near and dear to me – Bill of Rights Day, which lands on Dec. 15. Instead of hopping on my soapbox and stressing the importance of these rights, and turning this into civics 101, I’ll bring  you a piece of trivia that you may or may not know. There were actually 12 amendments in the Bill of Rights draft, dated Dec. 15, 1789. But the First Congress only ratified amendments 3-12 in 1791. The original first amendment would have regulated … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: Apply here

My daughter’s third college visit was tonight – this time with a university whose primary appeal is get in, get out, make money. While I don’t remember giving it much thought in my younger years, it appears that, in the end, choosing a college or university is similar to buying a car. I’m choosing a car, by the way, because most people keep cars from two to six years – essentially the equivalent of time spent in college. If you have a better analogy, I’m happy for you. So what do we consider when buying a car? Well, looks for certain. Admit it. Most of us have a preference when it comes to a 1970s Pinto versus a 2010 Lexus. Don’t lie. We want to be a Lexus. We also have our quirks as … Read entire article »

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Betcha Didn’t Know…This surprising Brain Booster

Surprising Brain Booster Ever had your teen show you how to work your new cell phone, only to find yourself completely stumped a few hours later?  Go to bed and give it another go in the morning.  A good night’s sleep can help you relearn complicated tasks – even if you forgot them the day before, according to the University of Chicago.  How does snoozing boost your recall?  Sleep seems to consolidate and stabilize your memory, restoring what your mind may have lost over the course of the previous day.  It also backs up the data (similar to backing up your computer’s hard drive) so that you won’t loose the information again. Kate Enjoy your Coffee Break! … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: Red squirrels, baby bats and dried leaves

So I’m on the phone with my dad over the weekend, when he interrupts me. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a red squirrel around here before.” I’m thinking, “Well, that’s nice. Shouldn’t you save your martinis until after lunch?” Thank goodness he went on to explain. For the first time in years, he’d actually witnessed a red squirrel in he and mom’s back yard while we were talking. He’d seen them before, just never in this neck of the woods. News to me, because I’d never heard of a red squirrel. I couldn’t wait to tell the kids. They’re both squirrel crazy as it is, and this would be one more little factoid they could store in their nutty little brains. Although he never mentioned anything about them flying, I was wondering if they could. We … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: Proof that diet pills don’t work

How sick are you of seeing those before-and-after ads for magic diet pills? Seriously! Of course, trying to get away from them is no easy task. They’re on the radio, the TV, the internet and in magazines. All I can say is promises, promises. (Or maybe, liar, liar, pants on fire). You know the lines: “I don’t have to WORRY about what I eat! I just take one magic pill before each meal and watch the pounds fall off!” Of course there’s my all-time favorite: “Now, my husband calls me his trophy wife.” Which begs the question, “what did he call you BEFORE?!?!” (I think you see where I’m going with that one…) The most amazing part of these ads, though, has to be the fact that all these diets not only make the pounds melt … Read entire article »

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Betcha Didn’t Know…

Betcha didn’t know…this trick for improving your memory.  After studying something you’d like to remember, like perhaps a grocery list (see Kate’s Escapades – The List),  try moving your eyes rapidly from side to side a few times.  According to Woman’s World magazine, this trick helps boost memory by 10% by triggering interaction between your brain’s hemispheres, thus improving the communication between cells. Enjoy your Coffee Break! … Read entire article »

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Liz’s Rants: Fostering love

A friend of mine recently entered the world of foster parenting. For years (and years) her greatest desire has been to have children. Alas it was not to be. She and her other half recently jumped through the hoops, cut through the red tape, and otherwise did everything in their power to be foster parents. A few weeks ago, they welcomed a girl into their home. Last night, they were approached about another child as well – a boy. It seemed in its romantic state to be the perfect family in the making. But as my friend has made clear, her hands are tied in many ways with the girl in constant contact with her mother and six other siblings. Almost a teenager, the girl’s goals and priorities – perhaps her lot in life … Read entire article »

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