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Kate’s Escapades – Valentine’s Day <br /> How to personalize fortune cookies

Valentine’s Day is almost here. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that. You’ve probably been stewing over what to do for days.  If you’re still looking for that perfect idea to make that certain special someone feel loved and appreciated, look no more because I have just the thing for you.  Personalized Fortune Cookies! And let me tell you, someone’s gonna be super impressed with this  fun, unique, and easy Valentine’s Day idea. Personalized … essay the future of education books or computers

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Christmas Craftdown – Cookie Cutter Wreath

Christmas Craftdown – Cookie Cutter Wreath

When I got out my Christmas decorations a few days ago, I discovered that one of my favorite old wreaths was looking a little worse for wear. Many of the berries had fallen off and the greenery seemed to be smashed beyond repair. I decided it was time for a new wreath. Hooray for computers and Google, because I found wreath ideas galore. So many, that I had a hard time choosing one to make. … Read entire article »

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Thanksgiving Craft – what else but… a turkey!

Call me sentimental, but this craft represents one of my favorite holiday decorations that Colton has brought home from school. Unfortunately, his is now old and faded, so he and I decided to recreate it! Let’s be honest. If we’re taking on this project, how hard can it be? It’s really a great craft for kids – and requires a relatively short list of supplies.  Chances are,  you already have everything you need on hand. What you’ll need: One paper grocery bag One small paper bag Old newspaper for stuffing bags Duct tape or other wide tape Glue (whatever you have on hand) Scissors Construction paper in colors of choice Instructions: 1. Begin by stuffing the large (body) and small (head) grocery bags with wadded up newspaper. You can gather the bag as you stuff to get a feel of how … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Escapades –
How to make Harry Potter Wands

Unless you’ve been in solitary confinement in Azkaban for the past few months, you know that we are mere hours away from the release of  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. At my house we are counting down the minutes until the magical moment. (It’s no secret that I have some Harry Potter fanatics in my family. You can check out the party we had a few summers ago to celebrate the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince here.) Anyway, we found a fabulous craft to keep ourselves occupied, and to help us while away the hours until the big event at 12:01 on Thursday night. (Unless of course you’re lucky enough to be me this week. I get to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Escapades – Candy Sleigh

We’re down to the wire here, Christmas lovers. The big event is only days away. Here’s a super cute 5-minute craft that makes a great treat you can give to your neighbors, or that your kids can give to their friends.  Or you can just make some to keep for yourselves. Candy Sleigh Supplies: full size chocolate bar mini candy bar with a picture of Santa on the front assorted mini candies paper to wrap the chocolate in 2 candy canes glue gun Directions: ~Kate Enjoy your coffee break! … Read entire article »

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Christmas Craftdown, week 5

I guess you realize Christmas Day is days away. Well, not me. I’m in denial. Still a ton of things to do. Like craft some more creations. This week, we’re featuring five crafts or edible ideas so let’s get to it! Susan’s Chicken Tacos Holiday Wassail Candy Crackers Pine Crafts Bowls made from vinyl records m m My cousin Susan has been quite an asset to our craftdown. This week, she sent in a recipe that sounds great for those busy holiday nights. It’s perfect for the family, or a dinner party: Susan’s Chicken Tacos 1 cup frozen corn 15-ounce can black beans, rinsed and drained 16-ounce jar mild salsa 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (or 1 1/2 pounds) Place first 3 ingredients in a slow cooker and stir to combine.  Arrange chicken on top.  Cover and cook on low for 6 hours.  Remove … Read entire article »

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Christmas Craftdown week 4: popcorn and tiers!

Here we are at week four of the 2010 craftdown – hard to believe! Hopefully, these two crafts will put a little jingle in your bells… This first craft is so simple, I almost feel guilty. Operative word being almost. I’d seen the idea somewhere – it required getting small wooden trays and blocks, painting them as desired, and assembling in the same fashion, ending up with tiered serving plates. Well, guess who couldn’t find the plain wooden trays and blocks… (that would be me). So I figured the same thing could be achieved with Dollar Tree plates and candlesticks. I was right. And I really like the finished product! For about 5 bucks and 15 minutes, you, too, can create a tiered candy/nut/appetizer dish for Christmas or any occasion! So without … Read entire article »

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Craftdown to Christmas, week 4

Just when I’m ready to give up faith in humanity, you guys pull through with another splendid idea for the Christmas season. I knew I could count on you guys. This week’s fare features both edible and non-edible goodies. I recommend making the eats first, so you have something to munch on while completing the other project. A glass of that Cranberry Wine could be a nice touch, too. Anyway, on to the craftdown. My cousin Susan submitted this great idea for personalizing Christmas cards. Her idea reminds me of Sandra Lee’s cooking show – both of these fine ladies know the art of taking store-bought goods and making them their own. Thanks, Susan! Low Cost Christmas Cards To me a Christmas card without glitter is just not worth sending. Fancy glittered boxed … Read entire article »

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Craftdown 2010 Week 2 – Mosaic Block

Chances are if you’ve ever been to a craft show, you’ve seen the various uses for glass blocks. For several years now, crafters have typically tied them with fancy ribbons and bows, then filled them with Christmas lights. So here’s a little different take on the glass block. Use sea glass or stained glass pieces to make your own work of art! What you’ll need: Glass block – available at arts and crafts stores and home improvement stores NOTE: if you purchase a a solid block, make sure you or someone you know can drill a hole in it, so you can get lights inside! Sea glass or stained glass pieces – available at craft stores Glass glue Small strand of holiday lights (I used a strand of 15 for this 6-inch block) How to assemble: Lay glass … Read entire article »

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Christmas Craftdown 2010 – Week 1

Can you believe Christmas is less than 40 days away? Me, either. Where does the time go? Anywho, today we kick off the craftdown with a super simple dirt-cheap craft: beverage coasters. A great gift for neighbors or teachers or anyone who doesn’t like water rings on their furniture (that would be most of us, wouldn’t it?). They’re so easy and inexpensive that you can make multiple sets for all seasons, too! Here’s what you’ll need: Basic 4-inch white ceramic tiles (available at Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. I got mine for a whopping 6 cents each.) Scrapbooking paper ModPodge or glue/water mix Felt How to make ‘em: Cut out four-inch squares from the scrapbook paper and felt. Brush generous amount of ModPodge onto front of tile Position paper on tile, and cover with 2-3 coats of ModPodge, allowing each … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: A shift in thinking

I’m pretty sure this is how it always begins. The day after Halloween, my mind starts rambling in a different direction, with the realization that, for the most part, the holidays are upon us. Maybe it’s my excuse for crafting and baking. Maybe it’s the Christmas decorations in all the stores. Or maybe it’s the calendar in my mind that say: 24 days until Thanksgiving, which means 25 days until the season’s first batch of Nuts and Bolts. That’s barely more than three weeks away! Then a mere four more weeks and it’s Christmas! I swear, time never went by this fast when I was little. (Insert slight panic here.) Which is one of the reasons for this post. There’s no reason we can’t plan things out and avoid last-minute chaos. No … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Escapades – How to make fabric flower accessories

Last week I went to the Women’s Expo held at the McKay Event Center in Orem, UT., to see my daughter model some cute clothes from Peppermint Pockets. So while I was there I couldn’t resist taking a stroll through the booths to see what was new and hot this year for the woman who wants to be hip and stylish. This season it’s all about the accessories..big earrings, big necklaces, big purses, big rhinestone belt buckles, and lots and lots of fabric flowers on just about everything imaginable. Being the cheapskate that I am, I took one look at those pricey flowered covered tops and necklaces and figured I could  make them myself for a fraction of the cost. I headed straight to the fabric store and picked up some … Read entire article »

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Christmas craftdown, week 6

Do you people realize that a week from today we will be celebrating Christmas? Hard to believe. But just in case there are those of you who are still about three months away from finishing shopping, (insert my photo), here’s another great gift idea (which just happens to be in a dead heat with pomegranate vinegar for this year’s favorite in my opinion): Bird Seed Ball Oh the simplicity. This is such a great idea, I could just hug the person who originally dreamed this up. Here’s what you’ll need for one batch: 4-5 inch twig balls 1 cup animal lard 1 cup peanut butter raisins, cranberries or other bird-friendly fruits 3 cups corn meal 1 cup oats sunflower seeds or any other seed (as far as I know…) Press n seal wrap Melt peanut butter and lard in large pot (don’t … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: It’s a marshmallow world

In case you dare have the audacity not to read this entire post, I’ll warn you now. First I’ll rant, then I’ll craft (and this gift is one that’s tied for my favorite gift of 2009). The other contender will be featured Friday, so stay tuned. I guess my rant isn’t as much a rant as a longing. A longing for simpler times. If you read my rants, you likely have surmised that I love old music. It defines an age of innocence as it were. An age when there was nothing wrong with a little romance, knowing what you stood for and defying anyone to cross you. Yeah, I guess those are “the good ol’ days” for me. Sometimes I wonder if I was re-incarnated from World War II, Case in … Read entire article »

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This Week’s Giveaway – Reindeer Wrapping Set

Congrats to the winner of last week’s giveaway – Julie L.  We will be contacting you by email from to  get your mailing address so we can get you prize out to you. This week’s giveaway, sure to have you wrapping in style this year – Reindeer Wrapping Set including… Reindeer Keepsake felt giftbag from Hallmark Reindeer scissors Scotch Pop Up Tape Dispenser Here’s how to enter: There are several ways to enter.  You may choose to enter one way, or you may choose to do them all.  It’s up to you.  The more times you enter, the more you increase your chances  to win. Leave a comment on this post between now and Sun. Dec. 13th 9:00pm MST. and you’ll automatically be entered. Leave a comment on any other Coffee Break with Liz and Kate post … Read entire article »

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