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We are Liz & Kate.  We became best friends in 1973 when we were 11 and living in the same neighborhood in a little town in Ky.  We grew up together.  We had sleep-overs on weekends, went on vacations together,  hung out at the end of the street after school, and bugged our little brothers.  We shared our secrets with each other and were like sisters.  We went through our firsts together:  first kisses, first loves, first heartbreaks.

Then we grew up and left our tiny town and went out into the world on our own separate journeys.  College, marriage, careers, babies, divorce…  And now our paths have reconnected and we are once again best friends sharing the ups and down of life with each other.  We are finding ways to laugh at – and with – each other and the world around us.  After all, life is supposed to be fun!  So bring along your favorite beverage and take a coffee break…with Liz & Kate!

Ten things you should know about Liz -

1. Tied for a 4 (individualist) and 7 (enthusiast) in the Enneagram personality test.

2. Messy perfectionist. Will the kids learn that other things are more important than a clean house? Or will they simply call me a slob?

3. Dog person. Definitely. Big dogs, not little dogs.

4. My impatience is not a virtue.

5. But it is rather endearing…

6. If I had my druthers, I would live on an island again.

7. When my kids have angered me, I typically ask them if they want my head to spin. They always say, “no.”

8. I loathe boredom.

9. I hate snakes. It’s a sentiment I can not express strongly enough.

10. I am an active and outspoken American Patriot (this probably should have been #1…)

Ten  things you should know about Kate -

1. I don’t actually drink coffee, but I am addicted to Diet Coke mixed with a squirt of Dr. Pepper for good measure

2. I hate car chase scenes in movies

3. I love the smell of fresh mud after the rain

4. I have 7 (yep seven!) kids – aged 9 to 24 – and I’m not in the loony bin…YET!

5. I mix hot tamales in my popcorn at the movies.  Try it.  Love it.  Tell your friends about it.  Then  I can claim to  be the starter of a trend!

6. I’m scared of driving in the snow…not a good thing when where you live has snow about 5 months a year

7. I long to have a boring day and wonder if it will ever happen

8. I I always have a supply of Blow Pops on hand to suck on while I write for Coffee Break.  Fav flavor- grape

9. My kids aren’t sure how to handle having me spend hours at the computer…they think that’s their job

10. I try to see the humor in life’s situations

A big thanks to Drew Bartholomew for designing our Liz & Kate logo characters!

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