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Ever find that you’re about to head out the door and notice that you’ve got a big ink spot on your shirt, or that your button is about to pop off? Or maybe your dress is suffering from a big case of static cling? Perhaps your zipper is stuck or you accidentally shrank your sweater in the dryer? Never fear because today I present to you five quick fixes for for these basic clothing mishaps. Give them a try and come back and let me know what you think.



Tip #1: How to use hand sanitizer to get ink off your clothing

If you find yourself with ballpoint pen ink on your shirt, just cover it completely with hand sanitizer and blot with a clean cloth or paper towel. Keep repeating until the stain is removed.  Here’s why it works. The hand sanitizer is made of mostly alcohol so it breaks down the ink.


Tip #2: How to unshrink a sweater

If your favorite sweater accidentally found it’s way into the dryer and looks more like it would fit your 7 year old daughter, you can use hair conditioner to fix the problem. Just soak the sweater in a sinkful of water with a few dollops of hair conditioner, then gently squeeze out the excess water.  Lay the sweater flat on a towel and gently pull to stretch and reshape it. Let it completely dry.  Here’s why it works. Ingredients in hair conditioner loosen the sweater fibers so they can be expanded, and letting it fully dry sets the fibers into the new shape.

Tip #3: How to unstick a zipper with a pencil

If you have a stuck zipper that just won’t budge, just rub a number two pencil along the length of the zipper to coat it with the lead and make it slippery. Your zipper should be zipping in no time. Here’s why it works. Pencils are made with graphite carbon which acts as a lubricant for the teeth of the zipper.


Tip #4: How to keep a button from popping off

If you have a button that is loose and about to pop off, just pull the threads in tight and apply clear nail polish to the back of the button so the threads are glued into place. Here’s why it works. the polish acts as a glue.




Tip #5: How to stop static cling with a hanger

If your clothes are sticking to you because of static cling this winter, try this tip. Just run a metal hanger over your clothes or nylons after you put them on. Here’s why it works. the metal discharges the buildup of static electricity, and prevents static cling.

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