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Here are some ideas that will hopefully help you use up those cartons of beautifully dyed,hard boiled eggs that are lurking on your fridge shelf…

Breakfast Burritos – Just chop up some hard boiled eggs and mix with some cooked spanish rice and some grated cheese. Wrap it up in a tortilla.  Heat  in the microwave and top with salsa.

BLT & E Sandwiches – Just add some sliced hard boiled eggs to the traditional BLT for a yummy twist.

Fried Rice – Just add come chopped up eggs and ham to your favorite fried rice recipe (a box is fine, Liz) and serve with soy sauce and fortune cookies.

Egg Salad Sandwiches –  You know the drill here, but for an extra twist to the flavor, add some ranch dressing in place of some of the mayo.

Chef salad – This meal only uses a few eggs, but I’m stretching to find meal 5 here, so give me a break.



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