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Here’s what’s for dinner this week at my house.

I’ve discovered after talking with Liz and other friends of mine – one of the hardest things about fixing dinner each week is deciding what to make .  In an effort to help Liz (and anyone else who’s interested) I’m going to share with you what we’re having for dinner at my house  this week…

Tonight we’re having  – Teriyaki chicken bowls, rolls and fortune cookies. To make the Teriyaki chicken bowls I just put some cut up chicken breasts and teriyaki sauce in the crock pot in the morning and let it cook all day.  Then about a half an hour before we eat, I cook the rice in my rice cooker (a pot on the stove also works fine), and I microwave some frozen Asian veggies – that’s it.  My family likes store bought Hawaiian rolls and fortune cookies with this meal. (Cook some extra chicken for tomorrow night’s dinner)  Shopping list: Chicken breasts, rice, frozen veggies, rolls, fortune cookies.

Tuesday we’re having-  Pizza Bread, green salad, and orange slices. I’m making two kinds of pizza bread: BBQ chicken & Pepperoni.  To make BBQ chicken pizza bread just slice a loaf of french bread in half the long way.  Spread BBQ sauce on both sides.  (Our fav is Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce) Add left-over chicken chunks and grated cheese.  (We also add mushrooms and red peppers).  To make ther pepperoni pizza bread just spread with pizza sauce, pepperoni (we use Turkey Pepperoni) and grated cheese.  Cook in 350 degree oven for 10 min or until cheese is melted.  Shopping list:  French bread, chicken (or use left-overs), BBQ sauce, mushrooms, red peppers, pizza sauce, pepperoni, cheese, salad, & oranges.

Wednesday is always my hardest day time-wise to make dinner. We’re going to have Mexican this week - Enchiladas, corn, and fresh pineapple. I’ll let you in on my cheaters way to make enchiladas…Just use frozen burritos, a can of enchilada sauce, and grated cheese.  Pour the sauce over the frozen burritos and top with grated cheese. Cover with foil.   Cook until the burritos are no longer frozen in the middle. No one will be able to tell the difference.  Shopping list: Frozen burritos, enchilada sauce, cheese, frozen corn, & pineapple.

Thursday will be breakfast night.  We’re having waffles, sausage & hashed browns. Everything is self-explanatory here.  Shopping list: Pancake mix(the just add water kind), sausage, Frozen hashed browns & juice.

Friday: I don’t cook so it will be Dominos night.

Saturday:  We just wing it.

Sunday dinner: well, it’s Easter so I’m as yet undecided on the menu.  I’ll get back on that one later in the week.

Happy eating!


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