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research questions objectives dissertationIt’s been more than two years since I opened my Twitter account, but only a few months that I’ve been actively using it. Notice I said actively, not successfully. I figured since everyone else is tweeting, I should be tweeting, too. It was time. Time to join the hoopla. Time to network like a pro. Time to embrace the latest (whatever) and greatest in the world of instantaneous communications. God help us. And is there really any other way to master anything other than to jump right in with both feet, hoping you can swim because you’re too lazy to throw on that life vest? I think not.

Which could be an issue I need to re-address. Because I’m a tad bit prone to royal screw-ups, when left to my own devices. Like when I texted a friend after the November elections, assuming (oh, that evil word, assuming) that since he’d just texted me a minute earlier, I need not bother to make sure the open text message was his. Except that it wasn’t – it was a tweet from my favorite weather dude, one of three people  whose tweets are stupidly set up to come in as a text message and a tweet. (Who could’ve set it up like that?!?) So off goes my stupid tweet to the world at large (oops). Enter paralyzing panic, followed by damage control. Could I delete the tweet? Or was I about to label myself “@Dumb%ss” for all Twitterdom to see?

Let’s just say it is with great thanksgiving that I tell you any tweet can be deleted. It is with equally great thanksgiving that I tell you there was nothing colorful or otherwise damning in my first Twitter gaffe. My biggest problem was the egg all over my face, and even eggs will come off with enough soap and water.

Of course, there was also my small snafu earlier this week, when I texted a friend/tweeted the world this little gem: “Colton is getting ready in his sleep, so we’re running a few minutes late.” Had I learned nothing in the last eight months?

It momentarily crossed my mind to pretend that Colton sent it out to begin with:

“Mom blames 10-year-old for tweeting to her tweeple.”

OK, so that tactic probably won’t work. Because I’m thinking a 10-year-old’s savvy in the world of new technology trumps a 48-year-old’s every time. No one would buy that one. The more accurate headline would probably look something like this:

“Mom banned from Twitter, son given complete control over account. Source says Mom is prime example of the dangers of newbie tweeters.”

Such a scenario would be uber-saddening to me. Gaffes aside, I love Twitter. I thoroughly enjoy the people I follow, and am thankful to have some really cool people who follow me, too. So in my best Scarlet O’Hara voice, I announce that tomorrow is another day. I will master Twitter, as God as my witness! I will build my followers, tweet more often and with great savoir-faire. I’ll do so not only with one, but with two Twitter accounts. And I’ll drag Kate into the madness, too! Which is why  I’ve taken the liberty of leading by example. So now all you tweeters can read my rants (and occasional raves) in 140 characters or less  – find me here! Of course, this serves two purposes. Not only will it be great fun to talk coffee break on Twitter, I’ll have a back-up plan. Just in case Twitter decides my tweeting gaffes are enough to ban me from my primary account :-)


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