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Here’s a Bachelorette update on Jillian Harris and fiance Ed Swiderski. Since the cameras on The Bachelorette stopped running, this relationship has been swamped with controversy. It seems that Jillian is standing by her man, Ed, even though accusations of Ed’s unfaithfulness are now surfacing. Two women have come forward claiming they were carrying on relationship with Swiderski while he was trying to win Jillian’s heart during the filming of the reality show.

Ed Harris and Bethany Steffen

Ed Swiderski and Bethany Steffen

Bethany Steffen, 25, a Chicago marketing developer, claims Swiderski sent her this racy text  “Bring beer and condoms,” on June 3, after he was already engaged to Jillian. When Ed left the show on April 15 due to “work reasons” she says he spent the night with her on April 23.  Steffen says,”Ed just has this way of making people believe what he wants them to believe.”

Ed Swiderski and Lindsey Johnson

Ed Swiderski and Lindsey Johnson

Also claiming to have a relationship with Swiderski is Lindsay Johnson, 29, a litigation technology consultant.  Other bachelors on the show say that Ed was exempt from the show’s standard cellphone and laptop ban because he said it was imperative he have access for work. Johnson claims he stayed in contact with her during the taping of the show and said he was only on the show or fun and that he was not attracted to Jillian. “I miss you dearly.  I love you…Hopefully they’ll get me home tomorrow.” he emailed Johnson three days before he told Jillian he had to leave for work.  Johnson also claims that while Ed was briefly off the show (he later went back and was chosen by Jillian to be her fiance) he spent the night with her on April 15 and went to a wedding with her on April 23.  Johnson says, “He was cheating on Jillian…  He was deceiving me the entire time.”

Jillian dismisses these claims as lies and says they are nonsense and inaccurate.  She says, “We really plan on trying to get out of the limelight and trying to get on with our lives.”  Swiderski also denies the two women’s claims.

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