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New Season of the Bachelor. Jake returns! See which 15 girls made Jake’s first cut.

On last nights episode of The Bachelorette…bachelorette

Jillian went to the hometowns of the five remaining bachelors: Kypton, Jesse, Wes, Michael, and Reid.    In a surprise move, Jake (my fav who got kicked off last week) came back to tell Jillian what a two-faced sleaze-bag Wes is and that he has a girl friend.

wes Wes, who has a girl friend and is only there to promote his music career

Sweet Jake, who Jillian kicked off last week, and is my pick for the next bachelorJake

Jillian made a stupid move and ignored Jake’s warning and gave Wes a rose anyway.  Also Ed, who left voluntarily a few episodes ago, came back and asked for another chance, and he got a rose too.  The other two who got roses were Kypton and Reid.

That means Michael, the break dancer, and Jesse, the wine maker, got sent home.  And Wes, the slime bucket, gets to stay for another week…

Who is your pick for Jillian?

kate pic~Kate

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