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New Season of the Bachelor. Jake returns! See which 15 girls made Jake’s first cut. Click here.

The Bachelorette

Spoiler Alert!

I promised myself that I would never again watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette after last seasons Bachelor fiasco where Jason Mesnick proposed to one girl and then dumped her on live tv  and picked the another girl.

BUT here I am…sucked into another season with Jillian Harris choosing from 30 eligible bachelors.

Tonight’s episode started off with 8 men –

Jesse (cute and normal), Robby (way too immature for her), Michael (a break dance instructor…seriously?), Jake (my fav), Wes (cute, but a two-faced slime bucket), Kypton (I like him, but what kind of name is Kypton), Reid (too neurotic), and Tanner (his foot fetish creeps me out).

Robby didn’t get a rose after his one-on-one date and they kicked him off the train in the middle of nowhere. Way to rub it in producers.  Geez.

In the Rose Ceremony also kicked off were Tanner – thank goodness


Jake – WHAT IS SHE THINKING?  He was my fav.  So cute and such a good guy.

kate pic~Kate

Who are you pulling for?  Comment below.

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