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Yesterday marked the warmest day of the year for many here in Kentucky – Louisville hit a record high of 90 degrees. Not bad for the second week of April. So I thought we’d briefly explore some of the tell-tale signs that spring fever has hit you.

  • You find yourself at the store with a cart full of flowers and plants, and are filled with a strange urge to fight anyone who takes that nice looking geranium that has the biggest red blooms.
  • You pull out all your summer clothes in full knowledge that the temperatures won’t stay this way consistently – at least not for a few more weeks. But out of spite, you pack away every last item that remotely reminds you of winter (even that light-weight jacket you’ll be going back up into the attic for as soon as the mercury drops below 60), and vow to live in shorts, tank tops and flip-flops for the next 6 months.
  • You look at your pale skin and decide you can’t be seen in public with the tank top and shorts until you’ve tanned. And you need a tan fast, so you forgo the sunscreen, bake in the sun for a few hours and get the worst sunburn you’ve had since this time last year :-)
  • You plan a new workout routine. Note: this is not to be confused with the New Year’s resolution you made to get into shape. This time, it’s different. After all, who can refuse a nice walk around the block to take in blooming trees, buzzing lawnmowers, friendly neighbors, warm weather and abundant sunshine.
  • You decide to restock the refrigerator and pantry, tossing out all remnants of comfort food in exchange for carrots, lettuce and tofu, and make a new resolution to fix a big salad for every meal.
  • You fling open all the windows and re-organize every room in your house, and go on a massive cleaning binge, clearing out cob webs that have been in the making since last fall.
  • Unable to take the heat, you turn on the air conditioning and complain, “Boy, it’s too hot outside.”

Has spring fever hit you? Maybe you have other symptoms – if so, drop us a line and tell us how spring fever affects you!



Spring fever?*#! Are you taunting me here, Liz, with your talk of sunshine, shorts and flip flops?  I only wish I had the ability within me to have even a teeny tiny touch of spring fever. I have just endured a never-ending 3 days of snow flurries. We are on day 1 of our spring break. It’s almost 9 AM and currently 32 degrees. The heater is blasting and I am wrapped up in a blanket as I type. I do see some blue sky peaking through, and the snow from the weekend has melted. I’d be happy with a few days of mid-50’s and sunshine. Please tell me that the whole ‘turning on the air conditioner’ thing was merely hypothetical. You haven’t really turned it on yet, have you?

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