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The new season of The Bachelorette started Monday night (May 24,2101) with new bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky meeting her 25 eligible bachelors.

According to the ABC Bachelorette website,

Ali Fedotowsky is back and this time, love not work, is number one on her agenda. “I definitely have a lot of regret,” she says of her decision to leave Jake Pavelka to return to her job — one she’s now quit! “I’m ready to move forward,” she swears. “Bring on those boys. I’m excited.” She’s hoping her journey will end “with tears in my eyes and I’m looking at man down on one knee, asking me to be his wife.”

After meeting all the guys and going through the usual corny attempts to make  good first impression, Ali gives the first impression rose to Roberto. Ali tells Roberto he is “so handsome.” He tells her she is beautiful and teaches her a some salsa moves. “I am really, really digging Roberto,” she says.


Then it was time for the guys to vote for who they thought was there for the wrong reasons. The unlucky winner was Justin (pro wrestler, a.k.a. “Rated R”.) Ali had the option of sending him home on the spot, however, she decided to give him a rose instead, and keep him.

Tonight’s roses went to:

Chris H. Age: 27 Occupation: Real Estate Developer

Chris L. Age: 33 Occupation: Landscaper

Chris N. Age: 29 Occupation: Entrepreneur

Craig M. Age: 34 Occupation: Dental Sales

Craig R. Age: 27 Occupation: Lawyer

Frank Age: 31 Occupation: Retail Manager

Hunter Age: 28 Occupation: Internet Account Executive

Jonathan Age: 30 Occupation: Weatherman

John C. Age: 32 Occupation: Hotel Business Development

Justin Age: 26 Occupation: Entertainment Wrestler

Jesse Age: 24 Occupation: General Contractor

Kasey Age: 27 Occupation: Advertising Account Executive

Roberto Age: 26 Occupation: Insurance Agent

Steve Age: 28 Occupation: Sales Representative

Kirk Age: 27 Occupation: Sales Consultant

Ty Age: 31 Occupation: Medical Sales

Tyler V. Age: 25 Occupation: Online Advertising ------- Which means that Derek, Derrick, Jason, Jay, John N., Kyle, Phil, and Tyler M. are going home.

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