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This week on the Bachelor – Episode 5

Five girls remain and Jake and the girls spend some time in San Francisco. The episode begins with a one on one date with Tenley, who Jake really seams to like. They site see, ride in a trolley and open fortune cookies which say “Kiss Me” which they do. OK…am I the only one who saw the clip weeks ago where Tenley told Jake she was pregnant. I think that was 2 episodes ago. What is up with that? And now she is in the final four!?

Next comes a two on one date with Vienna and Gia. Vienna of course tries to monopolize the time, but Jake takes Gia off alone and they spend some time talking and making out. Jake encourages Gia by telling her “It’s okay to fall for me.” Vienna sneaks into his room at night, and he basically gives her the cold shoulder and sends her out of his room.

Corrie gets the nest one on one date. The two of them have been moving slowly and spend some awkward time on a boat talking and looking uncomfortable… and not kissing. She tells him she is a virgin and he says he has no problem with that. They finally kiss, but it’s still awkward.

The last one on one date goes to Ali, who happens to live in San Francisco. She takes him on a tour of “her city” and they have a great time. She has been my hands-down favorite for the season, however I think Gia is catching up quickly.

At the rose ceremony, Jake sends Corrie home, and the four remaining girls…Ali, Gia, Tenley…and Vienna prepare for the hometown dates. In my opinion there are really only two girls with a shot here – Ali and Gia. I think Tenley will reveal that she is pregnant on the hometown date, and Jake will surely see the real Vienna before it’s too late.

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