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Bachelor Jake is full of surprises this week once again, as he sends 4 girls packing, leaving only five girls standing by the end of the rose ceremony.

The episode begins with the nine remaining girls (Gia, Corrie, Tenley, Ali, Jesse, Kathryn, Ashleigh, Ella and Vienna) being told to pack up their things because they were leaving the mansion and heading out in RV’s to drive up the CA coast.

Gia is happy to be selected for her first one-on-one date with Jake. He is curious to see how the big city New York girl will adjust to the low key roughing it date. They end up playing spin the bottle and kiss. Gia says, “It was the best kiss of my life,” and receives a rose at the end of the date.

Next comes the group date with Corrie, Ali, Tenley, Ashleigh and Vienna. They head out to the sand dunes for some sand surfing and dune buggy riding.  Then off to the Madonna Inn to clean up and have some fun. Vienna asked for the last one-on-one time of the date so she can be the last one he kisses and hopefully get the rose. The rose, however, goes to Tenley. Jake says of Vienna, “I’ve seen a couple of red flags and I’m a little concerned.”

Next comes the dreaded two-on-one date with Ella and Kathryn. One of the girls will be sent home at the end of the date. But always full of surprises, Jake sends both girls packing. That means only one girl will have to be sent home at the rose ceremony.

At the rose ceremony, Gia and Tenley already have roses. Corrie and Ali receive roses, leaving Vienna, Ashleigh and Jesse waiting with two roses left.  Jake pauses for a long time and then leaves the girls to ask Chris if he HAS TO give out BOTH roses! Jake goes back in and gives the rose to Vienna, sending both Ashleigh and Jesse home.

Next week on The Bachelor, Jake and the five remaining girls head to San Francisco.

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