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So here’s the thing. Poor Kate is stuck somewhere out west, on her way back from vacation – car trouble. Unfortunately, she’s had very little phone service, and of course no way to post. She is safe, though, and had checked into a hotel for the night, somewhere between vacation and home. So hopefully she’ll be back tomorrow. I have no excuses, though – except for a whirlwind storm, heavy rains and accompanying power outages.

Anywho, I thought you all might enjoy seeing the morning skies here in the Bluegrass as a major thunderstorm approached. I’ve seen a lot of weird looking skies in my day, but I’ve never seen the sky look like it did this morning. I wasn’t alone in those thoughts, evidenced by the number of people outside taking photographs as I drove home after taking Colton to hockey camp. And judging by the look of Chris Bailey, my favorite weather dude’s Twitter page, the storm was as big as, oh, I don’t know… UK’s basketball team winning the NCAA championship.

To that end, I thought I’d share some of what Kentuckians saw and the explanation from Chris. The first is from CJ Crumrine:



Here’s Peachybug’s view:

This is probably my favorite, from JonBoy:
Or maybe this one from Billcaine:

Here’s what Chris Bailey had to say about the eerie Kentucky skies this morning:

Lots of questions about the type of clouds in all the pics. It’s a shelf cloud that can form on a gust front just ahead of a line of storms.

Well, that was easy enough! It sounds so simple and well, run of the mill.  “Just a shelf cloud, people. Keep moving. Nothing to see, here.” I guess we were all thinking we’d seen something no one had ever see before – or ever would again. Lucky little weather spotters, we’d hoped, with an eye for the wildest looking skies, not to mention an eye for photography. Oh well, at least we’re easily impressed…



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