• symptoms Gref - the eyes of a high gloss. The first phase - the arrest and absorciónsistema iodine thyroid. Upon receiving the food in the digestive tract, and is separated from food ingredients, and then, in the form of iodine (RI AAA), which is in the gastrointestinal tract to enter the bloodstream. Choose and pick these vehicles - the blood stream, which flooded in thyroid tissue with unique properties. The operation is performed under any circumstances, and the concentration fluoxetine online without prescription of iodine in normal cases, most of the content in the blood largest iron. herbal tea taken three times a day 1 cup of tea prepared Adonis. purulent thyroid, causing bacteria Staphylococcus bacterial flora. The use of antibiotics and the emergence of this form of the disease largely under zero. Acute or chronic infection (otitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, sinusitis) and the possibility of bacteria entering the bottom of the subsequent inflammation of the tissues of the thyroid gland and body.

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