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Coffee Break with Liz and Kate » prednisone euphoria Miami, »

Check out the updates from all of the episodes of this season’s, The Bachelor!

At the end of every season of the Bachelor(and the Bachelorette) I swear I will never again watch another season. So what could have possibly lured me into another round of this ridiculous show? Answer: Jake. You remember, the sweet handsome pilot from last season who got kicked off because he was too nice! Really? Too nice? How is that even possible?

Anyway, Jake, a 31 year old pilot from Denton, Tx., is back and as sweet and handsome as ever. He’ll be spending the next several weeks narrowing the field of 25 girls down to one. In tonight’s episode, Jake  selected 15 girls  to receive roses in this first, of many, rose ceremonies to come. Here are the 15 still in the running. Tenley was the lucky girl who got the first impression rose.

(Here’s a quick little FYI from Kate. It’s early to make predictions here, but I see one nut case sure to provide us with lots of drama, Michelle, who has already cried too many times to count, and it’s only the fisrt episode, sheesh! And my fav so far is cuter than cute, Ali, who unfortunately is terrified to fly! Yikes! He’s a pilot.)

Gia - 26, Swimsuit Model, NY

Jessie - 25, Cosmetics, Ontario Canada

Kathryn - 25, Flight Attendant, Lexington, KY

Michelle - 26, Office Mgr., Anaheim

Rozlyn - 28, Model, Richmond, VA.

Tenley - 25, College Admissions, Newberg, OR.

Valishia - 32, Homemaker, San Bernadino

Vienna - 23, Marketing, Geneva, FL.

Ali - 25, Advertising Williamstown, MA

Ashleigh - 25, Account Mgr., North Potomac, MD

Ashley - 29, Teacher, Pittsburgh, VA.

Christina - 25, Restaurant Mgr, San Diego

Corrie - 23, Wardrobe Consultant, Kissimmee, FL.

Elizabeth - 29, Nanny, Imperial, NE.

Ella - 30, Hair Stylist, Lafollette, TN.

See who got roses in

Week 2 of The Bachelor

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