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Coffee Break with Liz and Kate » Entries tagged with "spanish fork demolition derby 2010"

Kate goes on an adventure to the Demolition Derby!

Well, I did it again! I got my white trash fix for the year at the annual county fair demolition derby this past weekend. Really, can you think of any single event that is more white-trashy than watching spray painted clunker cars smash each other to smithereens? Nope, I didn’t think you could. And before you get all up in arms here at my use of the term “white trash”, let me assure I mean it in the most loving, accepting, non-derogatory way possible. In fact I am including myself squarely in the white trash category for this one night a year. I even toyed with the idea of sporting a tube top, short jean skirt and cowboy boots, but fortunately for those sitting around me, I decided I was … Read entire article »

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