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Kate’s Escapades –  April Fools’ Day Food Prank

Since April Fools’ Day is coming up in a few days, we decided this post from two years ago is worth a Second Glance... It’s finally here.  The day when I get to release my pent up immaturity…the day when it’s perfectly acceptable for me to feel mischievous and sneaky…the day when I get to be all the things I try to teach my kids not to be. I must confess, when I was writing yesterday’s ridiculous … click to read more

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Kate’s Escapades – Do you believe in the Vacation Fairy?

I am away on vacation this week…woohoo!yeehaw! While I’m away I’ve left a few of my favorite summertime posts for you this week. Enjoy! ~Kate Okay guys (and by guys, I don’t mean people in general, I actually mean guys, as in the gender laden with testosterone) this post is basically meant for you.  But if you fit within the estrogen half of the population, I think you might just want to read along for kicks. Guys, do you believe in the vacation fairy?  You must, right?  What other explanation could there possibly be for magically getting from point A, where you pick your vacation destination, to point B, actually arriving at said destination with everything you need for an enjoyable, stress-free trip? That’s all it takes, right?  Just pick a location, drive  … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Escapades – “On the news, a family dies”

“On the news, a family dies…” That is an actual quote from my then 7-year-old son during a vacation in Arizona.   It’s one of my favorite quotes from my family’s vacation quote book.  Yep, we actually collect random and ridiculous vacation quotes taken completely out of  context,  just because we say so many dumb things  while traveling together.  Reading through them helps us remember fun times and makes us  laugh at ourselves. Here’s the story of “On the news, a family dies…” Two years ago we took our whole family (9 of us all together – 7 kids, 2 adults) to Bison Ranch, Arizona for vacation.  One afternoon we drove to a nearby mountain to go on a hike to a beautiful vista that promised us an amazing view.  It was hot … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Escapades – The Dogs Ate My Couch!

The Dogs Ate My Couch Okay, so maybe that is a slight exaggeration. They didn’t exactly eat the whole couch, but they might as well have. There is now a dinner plate-sized hole in the back cushion of my living room couch. When they decided to go on the prowl for a midnight snack  last night , they couldn’t have chosen to munch on my old,  black velvet couch in the basement…nope, they decided, instead, to snack on my nice, new tan leather couch which sits prominently in my living room. In fact, it’s the first thing you see when you come into my house. Geez. Maybe now is a good time to give you some back story here. I have two big dogs. I never intended … Read entire article »

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