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Please understand that by plain, I don’t mean plain, plain, or sauceless plain. I mean stick to the plain shapes. Regular pasta, if you will – angel hair, elbow macaroni. Heck, I’ll even give you rotini every now and then. But when the shapes take on the form of SpongeBob or Spider Man, it seems a no-brainer that the world of culinary delights is gonna sacrifice flavor for the sake of novelty. Case in point would be Saturday’s dinner. My son requested mac and cheese, which I typically make from scratch. But for whatever reasons, (no elbow macaroni in the house…) I pulled out that instant version with the powdered cheese package (been there, done that?). Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the water was boiling and I was pouring the pasta before I realized … finance essays

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Betcha didn’t know… these healthier fast food choices.  If you’re craving a sandwich… Subway 6-inch Turkey and Black Forrest Ham Sandwich with double meat (with lite mayo and vinegar), 360 calories, 6 g. fat and 30 g. protein.  Price: $5. KFC’s Honey BBQ Sandwich, 310 calories, 4 g. fat and 23 g. protein.  Price: $1.99 Wendy’s Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich, 320 calories, 7 g. fat and 28 g. protein.  Price: $4.29. … Read entire article »

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Liz’s Rant: Cooking can be dangerous to your health

Preparations for dinner last week had started innocently enough. I’d made the decision to fix salmon patties. Which brings me to my first segue. Do people “fix” dinner or “make” dinner. It would seem that fixing dinner would imply something was broken. Ergo my latest kitchen rule: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Back to the salmon patties. This is actually one of my favorite  – and fairly painful – things to fix. At least it was. My standard operating procedure includes mixing all the ingredients (including seasoned bread crumbs) about an hour before I’m ready to saute them. Makes the chore of forming those little patties much easier. Such was my SOP last week. About six p.m., I readied the pan, warmed up the olive oil and poured the extra … Read entire article »

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Liz’s Rants: McCruelty campaign a McSick ploy

Today, for your viewing horror, we’ll begin storytime with three photos from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to set the stage by telling you what you’re about to view, and suggest that you might want to make sure the kids don’t view this unless or until you approve. Seems that PETA has not only revived their McCruelty Campaign against McDonalds, they’re, well, going to extremes to catch the attention of kids. Enter Exhibit A: Certainly, this little chick looks cuddly enough. I mean, what kid wouldn’t want to go up and give it a big hug, prior to chowing down on a 4-piece nugget meal? Needless to say, things haven’t begun to turn ugly yet. So let’s move on to Exhibit B, which I’ll … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Escapades – Cooking By Numbers

It’s an hour till dinner.  You have no plan.  You don’t want to run to the store, but you can’t come up with anything to cook with what you have on hand.  Does this sound familiar?  Most days, this is the story of my life. What if you could just mark a check-list of  the items you have in your cupboards and fridge, and then someone would tell you recipe after recipe of what you could make with what you have?  Sound too good to be true? I found this cool and crazy website the other day and I immediately thought of Liz. The site is called… Cooking By Numbers. You see, Liz  is somewhat challenged in the cooking department.  It’s not like she CAN”T cook.  She has the necessary and knowledge skills to … Read entire article »

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Betcha Didn’t Know…

Grilling Tips Instead of spraying your hot grill with a non-stick spray (who can say explosion?),  soak a paper towel with cooking oil and use a tong to rub the towel over the grill rack. You can also get an extra basting brush (use this one only for greasing the grill, please), and brush the oil onto the rack. Voila! It’s the perfect answer to keeping food from sticking! Liz … Read entire article »

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What’s for dinner this week? Eggs, eggs and more eggs!

Here are some ideas that will hopefully help you use up those cartons of beautifully dyed,hard boiled eggs that are lurking on your fridge shelf… Breakfast Burritos – Just chop up some hard boiled eggs and mix with some cooked spanish rice and some grated cheese. Wrap it up in a tortilla.  Heat  in the microwave and top with salsa. BLT & E Sandwiches – Just add some sliced hard boiled eggs to the traditional BLT for a yummy twist. Fried Rice – Just add come chopped up eggs and ham to your favorite fried rice recipe (a box is fine, Liz) and serve with soy sauce and fortune cookies. Egg Salad Sandwiches –  You know the drill here, but for an extra twist to the flavor, add some ranch dressing in place of … Read entire article »

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What’s for Dinner?

Here’s what’s for dinner this week at my house. I’ve discovered after talking with Liz and other friends of mine – one of the hardest things about fixing dinner each week is deciding what to make .  In an effort to help Liz (and anyone else who’s interested) I’m going to share with you what we’re having for dinner at my house  this week… Tonight we’re having  – Teriyaki chicken bowls, rolls and fortune cookies. To make the Teriyaki chicken bowls I just put some cut up chicken breasts and teriyaki sauce in the crock pot in the morning and let it cook all day.  Then about a half an hour before we eat, I cook the rice in my rice cooker (a pot on the stove also works fine), and I … Read entire article »

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Kate is my hero!

Now if I could only get her to go to the store for me… Seriously, her menu plans were exactly what I needed. I discovered on taco night that the Birds Eye Southwestern-style frozen rice is quite tasty, and definitely a perfect have-on-hand side for all that is Mexican. … Read entire article »

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Liz…I accept your challenge.

OK, Liz…I accept your challenge.  I will make it my personal quest to make sure that you and you son break your frozen dinner addiction.  (Sorry Banquet, nothing personal.  I’m sure your frozen meals are quite…umm…delicious.) … Read entire article »

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I’ll have what Kate’s having…

It started in the grocery store yesterday afternoon. I’d decided to fix tacos. Usually, I keep it really (really) simple: shells, seasoned meat, Mexican cheese. I fill the taco shells prior to baking, making the tacos a tad bit easier to eat. And with only meat and cheese inside, I’m pretty much assured of the kids eating at least one. But the other day, my brother mentioned his version of taco-making. Frankly, I was impressed. … Read entire article »

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