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is there a way to tap a cell phone

In keeping with our first holiday for the week, I have half a mind not to post this until tomorrow or beyond, as Sept. 6 is Fight Procrastination Day, and I feel like going against the tide on this one. I figured I better be timely about this holiday, though, for any of you who should be so inclined to actually put the practice of fighting procrastination to work. As for me, I’ll do it later. Jumping into Sept. 7, this is the date we are called on to celebrate Neither Rain Nor Snow Day. While this one does mark the 1914 opening of the New York Postal Service, the words inscribed on said building are not the motto of the United States Postal Service. That figures. It’s actually more akin (very closely …

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Kate’s Escapades – My Mailman Hates Me: Part 2

Ahhh…the mail wars were just beginning. (If you are lost right now and have no idea what I’m talking about, take a look at My Mailman Hates Me: Part 1.)  So, as I was saying…the war was just beginning.  The kids all knew not to park in front of the mail boxes, but sometimes they’d forget and of course, NO mail.  He would park his truck, get out and walk to the car parked next to the empty mailbox and leave a scribbled  note, thus  exerting more energy than it would take to just give me my stupid mail. And then he would feel the need to show us who’s boss by also skipping us the next day, as some sort of extra punishment, I suppose. Whenever friends  would come to … Read entire article »

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