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I’ve always known that this dreaded day would come . In fact, it’s been 25 years in the making. I had hoped to stretch  it out one more year, but alas, it’s not to be. And let me tell you, I am heartbroken.  Much more heartbroken, it seems, than my son is. (Note to reader…if you have a small child lurking over your shoulder, who happens to be able to read, please send them off to frolic and play before you read further, unless you’d like the dreaded day to come before you’re prepared for it, like it has for me.) The youngest of my seven kids now “knows”. I’ve seen it coming all through the year.  First the Easter Bunny fell by the wayside. (Isn’t he always the first to go? …

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Liz’s rant: The snow is snowing

Ever notice how the silliest things have the capacity to turn into discussions that just make your head spin? Case in point would be my little argument with Hannah over a Billie Holiday Christmas song, where the late great singer bellows out lines like, “The snow is snowing, the wind is blowing.” “Why is the snow snowing?” I asked. “That’s what snow does, Mom – it snows.” “No the snow does not snow – it falls.” “Mom, you are so misguided. When it snows, we don’t say ‘it’s falling’. We say it’s snowing.” “Then why isn’t the wind winding,” I asked. “Note that even Billie admits the wind is blowing. Snow can do that, too. But I still maintain the snow doesn’t snow. Nor does rain rain.” “Then what does rain do, Mom?” “It falls, too. Sometimes … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: No more pig flu

You may recall a month and a half ago when I lamented my daughter’s illness, which could very well have been pig flu. The world will never know. Before we go any further, I think it’s important for me to point to the fact that I realize the seriousness of this outbreak. But I refuse to give it power over my life.  But I digress. Oddly enough, after my super-secret assignment to places I can’t tell you about, I got sick, too. Same thing as my daughter for the most part. But I never let myself consider that it was that pesky pig flu. In fact, I’ve exerted much effort to keep pig flu on the back burner of my mind. Oh, sure, I’ve been hearing the heart-wrenching reports of deaths of children (I … Read entire article »

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Betcha Didn’t Know – which fav toy made it’s debut 47 years ago this week!

Betcha didn’t know… which favorite child’s toy made it’s debut 47 years ago this week!  It’s the ever popular Hula-Hoop.  To create interest in this new toy, Wham-O demonstrated the Hula-Hoop in playgrounds in California.  In just 4 months, 25 million Hula-Hoops were  sold. *Enter a comment at the bottom of this or any other post, and be automatically entered in this week’s giveaway! … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: The toothache

My youngest son has bad baby teeth. They’re uncooperative, easily decayed and generally a thorn in my side. I suspect he isn’t much more thrilled with them than I – especially in light of what was likely the most traumatic event to date in his eight years of life. The drama began Sunday afternoon after his soccer game. We hadn’t even made it to the car and the  tears were flowing (which, I’d like to point out rarely happens in public for him). His tooth was aching – to the point that I heard, “Please help me, Mother. I can’t stand it, anymore.” If you’re a mommy, you know those words were the equivalent of a knife twisting in my heart. But by the grace of God and over-the-counter pain relievers, we survived, the pain … Read entire article »

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Liz’s Rant: On assignment

That’s right – Liz is on assignment currently, at a super duper really top secret location. She returns Wednesday. Maybe if you ask nicely, she’ll tell you all about her trip. Meanwhile, keep this under your hat, ok? It’s  a secret! So until then, here’s a favorite post from Liz’s Rants from way back in the old days before our website was actually a website to keep you entertained. – Kate Liz’s Rants…I hate homework Remember when you were in first grade? Those were good times – at least for me. Hard work meant choosing between the lilac or hot pink crayon. My, how things change. Flash forward to 2009 and my son Colton’s first grade class. The assignment was straightforward, stapled to a massive 11-by-17 sheet of paper, folded in half. In honor … Read entire article »

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Liz’s Rant: When pigs fly

My teenager is not a good patient when she’s sick. Case in point? It’s Friday night and she’s complaining of a suspected sinus infection and a bad headache. “Can I get you something to eat?” “I don’t know…” “Are you thirsty?” “I don’t know…” “Well, what do you know?” “I don’t know…” I ladled out soup for the rest of us, then returned to the family room for dinner around the TV (it was the  weekend – back off). About   five minutes later, a scratchy little voice said, “Can I have some of your soup?” “Of course you can honey.” Talk about a regrettable decision… Because in no time  she was shivering with a nice  case of the chills. By the next morning, her status hadn’t improved and we were in the midst of a holiday weekend. Luckily, there’s … Read entire article »

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Kate Goes on an Adventure: Demolition Derby

Yep, I’ll admit it readers….I went to a demolition derby of my own free will.  No one bribed me, coerced me,  or drugged me, tied me up and dragged me there. No one even had to convince me.   I just hopped into my Outlander with two of my kids (the two young enough to still be malleable), and my husband who is not particularly malleable but loves demolition derbies, and drove down the road to our county fair.  I paid my money and walked right in, head held high.  I didn’t even try to disguise my identity with sunglasses or a hat. I’d  like to think I’m getting in touch with my inner redneck.  I’m sure I am officially an embarrassment to some of my kids with my brazen … Read entire article »

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Guest Rant – A Real African Dog
by Donna Hansen

One day Baby’s friend from across the street, Z, started pounding on our front door. I opened it, my first mistake. “Where’s Baby? There’s a hurt bird out here he has to see!” Z exclaimed. I thought ‘Boys and their desire for the Horrific.’ While Baby went outside to inspect the injured bird, I put Boomer the Basset Hound in the backyard, his Kingdom, and went out to start the truck. We had errands to run. I pulled around the corner to grab that child of mine. He and Z were watching the bird flutter around only about an inch off the ground. The poor thing would fly a foot or two and fall back to the ground. While it looked ok, it definitely wasn’t. As it was fluttering around it flapped through … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: Christmas in August

It’s not like this is the first time that my youngest has mentioned something he wants for Christmas. In fact, I think he secretly started his list the day after Christmas 2008. It’s just that the list is intensifying – and it’s only August. Oddly enough, the only thing on said list is Legos. Lots of Legos. He’s been a building freak for several years now, and unfortunately outgrew the “age appropriate” Legos with his first kit. Now, those kits marked 12 and up don’t even faze him. He simply opens each package of blocks, promptly dumps them on the kitchen table or the floor, and proceeds to build until the masterpiece is complete. The truly unfortunate part of this comes in the reality that the more difficult the kit, the more pieces. The … Read entire article »

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Liz’s Rant: Lemonade sale turns sour

OK – raise your hand if you ever set up a Kool-Aid stand as a kid. See? Thousands of you participated in this rite of childhood. If memory serves, the stand usually included a red wagon, a sign, a Tupperware pitcher and Dixie cups. Make no mistake – it’s not like we got rich with our thirst-quenchers. But somewhere in the backs of our minds, I’d bet we never ruled out that possibility. For me, lemonade stands led to other ideas of sheer brilliance though – namely in the form of the bakery I wanted to start in a dirt “room” under the garage. While it stored our sleds and sporting equipment, I was convinced I could clear out the space and bake, bake, bake. Then I coulda struck gold. Suffice to … Read entire article »

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Liz’s Rants: McCruelty campaign a McSick ploy

Today, for your viewing horror, we’ll begin storytime with three photos from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to set the stage by telling you what you’re about to view, and suggest that you might want to make sure the kids don’t view this unless or until you approve. Seems that PETA has not only revived their McCruelty Campaign against McDonalds, they’re, well, going to extremes to catch the attention of kids. Enter Exhibit A: Certainly, this little chick looks cuddly enough. I mean, what kid wouldn’t want to go up and give it a big hug, prior to chowing down on a 4-piece nugget meal? Needless to say, things haven’t begun to turn ugly yet. So let’s move on to Exhibit B, which I’ll … Read entire article »

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Liz’s Rants: The routine

With T-minus 48 hours until the school bell brings in the start of a new year, I’m having my own reckoning of sorts. And I’m not sure I like where this is going… I got up at what would be normal time-to-get-up-for-school yesterday, only to realize that by noon, I could barely keep my eyes open. I confess, we’ve spent the last two months staying up way too late with a wicked sleep-in pattern to match. The alarm clock has been set a total of three times over the summer break. In other words, we did what I always remember doing in the summer – a lot of nothing. Lounging at the pool, lounging on the deck. Lounging whenever and wherever the mood struck. (Trust me – it struck with precision. Often.) Now, … Read entire article »

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Aliens In The Attic – Movie Review

Aliens In The Attic Rated: PG [See Full Rating] for action violence, some suggestive humor and language. Genre: Comedy Starring: Kevin Nealon, Robert Hoffman, Doris Roberts, Tim Meadows, Ashley Tisdale Director: John Shultz Synopsis: . Aliens in the Attic, co-scripted by one of the writers of Madagascar and the Academy Award-winning Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbits, is an adventure/comedy about kids on a family vacation who must fight off an attack by knee-high alien invaders with world-destroying ambitions—while the youngsters’ parents remain clueless about the battle. –© 20th Century Fox Kate says – 2 1/2 stars This movie is not as bad as the previews make it look.  It’s a pleasant way to spend a few hours with your kids and not be worried about inappropriate language or scenes.  I took two … Read entire article »

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Liz’s Rants: Putt this…

Maybe I hadn’t thought through all the details when I agreed to take my son to play putt putt golf with a couple of his friends. So much so that I volunteered to take him to a movie, swimming for a week (assuming the temperature climbs back over that 70-degree mark), and even asked him to name his price – the price that would get me out of 18 holes of self-imposed torture. I say torture because I know how difficult it can be to have more than two people playing putt putt at one time. The wait between putting would be treacherous, the kids couldn’t be counted on to keep their own score (oh, and yes – we would keep score), and I would lose all patience watching them hit a … Read entire article »

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