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I am a big fan of reality TV.  Think what you may, but it’s a great way for me to relax at the end of the day when my brain and body are on overload status.  (FYI – Liz is not a fan like me…flying solo on this one.)  America’s Got Talent  is ending just in time to start up on Survivor this week. So, after weeks of auditions and performances, America has chosen the winner of season 4. But first a recap of Monday night’s performances from the top ten performers… and then I’ll reveal the top 5 and finally, the winner! The top five acts were… Texas Tenors Kevin Skinner Voices of Glory Barbara Padilla Recycled Percussion And the winner of Season 4 America’s Got Talent is… Kevin Skinner!!! And I am as thrilled as can be. My fav homeboy … buy cheap nolvadex online

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America’s Got Talent – Semi Finals 9/2/09 – Season 4 – Episode 412

This week marked the start of the semi-finals round.  Ten acts performed this week.  Here’s a recap of the performances and judges comments plus the results…who stays and who goes.  But first a video clip from this week’s episode of Kevin Skinner from Mayfield, KY. The three acts which America voted to move on to the finals are… The Texas Tenors Grandma Lee Kevin Skinner Enjoy Your Coffee Break! … Read entire article »

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America’s Got Talent – Quarter Finals

This week (8/4 & 8/5) on America’s Got Talent we started on the quarter finals with 12 acts performing, followed by an audience vote.  Five acts survived ( 4 audience selected and 1 judge selected) to move on to the semi-finals. First a video clip of Thia Megia’s performance this week… Here are the twelve acts that performed and the judges comments. Breaksk8 hit the stage in hopes of winning America’s vote. The judges want the break-dancers on wheels to prove to them they are worth being in the finals. Piers thinks the skates slowed the whole performance down, Sharon thinks it’s a great way to open the show and David thinks the guys don’t need the flashy dancers. He wants more skating. The next act to hit the stage is 14-year-old singer, Thia … Read entire article »

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