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What are Sanuks anyway? And where did they take me? Go ahead…take a look. … online casino eurocity entgleist film deutsch download mac app

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Look where my Sanuks took me – week 4

“My latest Sanuk adventure finds me at the Kentucky Horse Park, enjoying the sights and sounds of the World Equestrian Games. After more than five hours of walking, my feet were still happy campers in my EspaThrills! Even Rock Solid Story, a Palomino Quarter horse affectionately known as “Hank”, knows a great pair of footwear when he sees it. As far as Hank was concerned, it was love at first bite!” ~ Liz Where will your Sanuks take you? What’s a Sanuk ? Well, for one thing, it’s the Thai word for fun. But also, it’s an unconventional little “semi-proper footwear company”, (their words not ours) that we’ve stumbled upon. ♦They’re quirky. ♦They’re comfy. ♦They’re cool. ♦They’re not shoes, they’re sandals. We love ‘em! Check out this cool footwear from Sanuk (Liz is wearing EspaThrills in gray, provided by Sanuk.) … Read entire article »

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