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I know what you must be wondering… Did Liz turn into a crazed feminist or something? I’ll put your mind immediately at ease. Are pigs flying? Did the sky fall? Have you lost your mind? No, Kate… I… am still the same ol’  snippy, cynical, always-on-the-cutting-edge self. In fact, I’d planned to address Kate’s eye exam (which is still fair game for another time) and echo her sentiments times 1,000. But when I’m standing in a store and say aloud to the sales clerks that I feel a rant coming on as I stare at a product, all bets are off. So, let’s talk about today’s find. Product name? GoGirl. Product’s motto? Don’t take life sitting down. Intriguing, isn’t it? Suffice to say I seriously doubt the name and motto are anything … oregon state university application essay questions

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