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One has to ask how often the word “hate” appears in my posts, then go on to deduce that I am a bitter person. Well, you’d be wrong. My job is to bring things to light that you’re already thinking – just not willing to talk about. Like the drive to my parents – or yours for that matter. As the crow flies, it’s probably 8-10 miles tops. But as the car drives, it’s more like 20 minutes. While at the parents’ house for dinner tonight, I went as far as to consult my brother, who lives three blocks from me, as to his preferred path to dinner at the parents. He takes about three routes – all three the same as mine. But here’s the thing. I’ve noticed he often beats me …

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Liz’s Rants – Don’t talk with your mouth full…

When I was a little girl, dinnertime was considered a sacred event. For that matter, much was considered sacred: answering the phone by stating the name of our residence, as well as our names, asking to be excused (please) before leaving the table. You get the point. Above all, phone calls were off limits – especially disconcerting when waiting on a phone call from the object of a puppy love crush. “She’s having her metrochow,” my dad would say. Flash to Fourth of July, when we were all invited for dinner at Mom and Dad’s. We weren’t even close to desert when I noticed not one, not two, but three iPhones pulled out. Not only were both of my brothers playing with their electronic habits, Dad was toying with his as well. I sat … Read entire article »

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