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Liz’s Top Seven ways to use boiled eggs

You know the drill. Easter is over. Chocolate bunnies sit in their baskets devoid of ears, pieces of shiny fake green grass are strewn from one end of the house to the other, and no fewer than two dozen eggs bide their time in the refrigerator, asking themselves but one thing: “Will we be eaten? Or tossed to the curb with all that shiny fake green grass?” Which is where I make a confession. As much as …

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Betcha Didn’t Know – How to Fight Fat with a Whole Egg

Betcha didn’t know… how to fight fat with a whole egg.  Say goodbye to that old diet standby, the egg white, and welcome back the yolk.  Turns out egg yolks are loaded with lecithin, a fatlike substance produced in the liver that helps block fat storage, and the B vitamon chlorine, which raises your metabolism.  No wonder that, in one study, folks who enjoyed two whole eggs for breakfast lost twice as much weight and had an 83% greater decrease in waist size compared to those eating a bagel with the same amount of calories! Bonus: Egg yolks are packed with so many essential vitamins and nutrients that enjoying two a day is better than taking a multivitamin, experts say. Concerned about cholesterol? Multiple studies show that regularly eating two eggs a … Read entire article »

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