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Betcha didn’t know… this New Moon Trivia. The title New Moon is often thought to be a werewolf reference. Stephenie Meyer, however, says that is “refers to the phase of the moon opposite a full moon.  It is when the sun is on the opposite side of the moon from us and thus the bright side of the moon is not visible from the earth.  This is the darkest kind of night. New Moon is the darkest period of Bella’s life.” m m m m m m m m m m m m m Kristen’s eye color is really green, but she has to wear brown contacts when she plays Bella Swan. Kristen will earn $12 million for New Moon, which is $8 million more than she earned for Twilight. m m m m m m m mm m After months of speculation, Taylor Lautner won the right to reprise his role as Jacob Black.  The …

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