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As most of you are probably – and, painfully – aware, the Shrek series of drinking glasses, offered by the often-featured-here McDonald’s fast food chain, have been voluntarily recalled. I doubt I’m alone in the reality that my kids made them the go-to drinking glasses a few weeks ago, often bickering over who gets Puss-n-Boots and who gets Donkey. The fact that I’ve stolen the Donkey glass on a few occasions for my own personal use probably doesn’t help matters, but that’s neither here nor there, is it? Anywho, the glasses are said to contain an “unsafe” level of cadmium, (think Miley Cyrus jewelry, also recalled recently) which could lead to God knows what sort of illness, deformation and general catastrophe. Translation: the sky is falling. Run, Forrest, Run. Seems all-too par … link

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