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Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer has been served a cease and desist order by Jordan Scott, 21 year old author of The Nocturne, asking not for money, but for cessation of the circulation of Breaking Dawn.  Jordan claims that Meyer copied the plot as well as significant events that “bear striking resemblances” to Jordan’s 2006 novel. Scenes that were allegedly copied include A post wedding sex scene at the beach A scene about a woman who’s sick because she’s carrying a child with “evil powers” A scene with the death of the main character’s wife (Okay…not anything here that couldn’t be found in thousands of other novels.) Here’s an MTV News comparison of a scene in question… From Nocturne:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             “Her  face was so pale, it was frightening; and there were beads of sweat pouring down her … darmowe ogłoszenia o pracę

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I have a confession to make…I consider myself to be a  fairly well rounded, sensible, logical, mature grown adult woman…and my confession is that I am a Twilight fan. There, I said it. And not just a casual fan either. I’m talking midnight movie premiers, book signings, internet searches for the latest Twilight scoops…you know a slightly obsessed fan. (“Slightly obsessed”, now that’s an oxymoron for you.) It’s really the best selling Twilight book series written by Stephenie Meyer that I love. All the rest is just a bonus. This is how I became a Twilight addict. A few years ago my youngest daughter started reading this silly book about vampires, and I was thinking, “Really? Vampires? That’s gotta be kind of lame.” I picked … Read entire article »

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