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We have several fun – and fairly self-explanatory holidays this week. National Punch Day is on Sept. 20, followed by Miniature Golf Day and World Gratitude Day (on the 21st), and Checkers Day and Dog in Politics Day on the 23rd. While these are certainly noteworthy holidays, I call your attention to Elephant Appreciation Day, which we celebrate Sept. 23 (also my daughter’s birthday – Happy Birthday!!). Apparently, elephants are big fans (no pun intended) of pumpkins, so I guess you could visit your local zoo bearing a pumpkin or two. I say, instead, we remember the life – and death – of Mary the Elephant. “Murderous Mary” as she came to be known, was the star of Sparks Circus, which had travelled to Kingsport, TN in 1916 for one of its two-bit …

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