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I read an article the other day about how the start of a new school year is like New Year’s Day. And I suspect that’s true to a certain extent. The school year doesn’t begin at the stroke of midnight, though. Champagne doesn’t flow freely (ok, except for those parents who are celebrating the fact that little junior and juniorette will no longer be hanging around all day long, claiming there’s nothing to do). But there will likely be a few new resolutions made and a few high hopes launched. We’ll swear bedtime will be a smoother process and everyone will hop out of bed with a smile on their face as soon as the alarm goes off. Promises of a set schedule for homework, complete with a great snack, every supply …

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Liz’s Rants: The routine

With T-minus 48 hours until the school bell brings in the start of a new year, I’m having my own reckoning of sorts. And I’m not sure I like where this is going… I got up at what would be normal time-to-get-up-for-school yesterday, only to realize that by noon, I could barely keep my eyes open. I confess, we’ve spent the last two months staying up way too late with a wicked sleep-in pattern to match. The alarm clock has been set a total of three times over the summer break. In other words, we did what I always remember doing in the summer – a lot of nothing. Lounging at the pool, lounging on the deck. Lounging whenever and wherever the mood struck. (Trust me – it struck with precision. Often.) Now, … Read entire article »

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