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buy accutane matter how old I get  (which, according to my kids,  is pretty darn old since I was born before the invention of computers, microwaves and remote control  TVs) the excitement of finding a package in the mail box addressed to me  never wears off. It’s like a tiny surge of flashback adrenaline left over from memories of childhood birthdays and Christmas mornings.

So a few weeks ago I trudged through the snow to my mailbox to collect my never ending supply of bills and junk mail,  delivered by my not very nice mailman who has a personal vendetta against me (read about him here in Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3) and I opened my box to find a shiny blue package not only addressed to me, but with a ‘Royal Mail’ sticker and a Customs Declaration. Be still my heart!

Inside, I found a cuter than cute screen printed T shirt from, which I then put on my cuter than cute daughter, and then proceeded to take some cuter than cute pictures of her in it.

We had an America’s Next Top Model fashion shoot where I played the world renowned fashion photographer and she played  the embarrassed daughter who rolled her eyes a lot.

Anyway, the shirt is cool, the fabric quality is great, the screen printing stands up well to washing and drying, it’s bright and colorful, and even comes in a package marked ‘Royal Mail’. What could be better?

Check these guys out. They have more than 20 years of custom screen printing experience.

  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Huge selection of garments and colours
  • High Quality Silk Screen Printing
  • Quantities from 12 to 100,000
  • Fast turnaround times

Plus, any man who signs his notes like this, gets my business for sure. Thanks, Martin.

Order a free catalog here.


*The cute T shirt was provided free of charge from



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