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“I slipped on my Sanuks and hopped on my Vespa for a quick zip through town. The sun was shinning on my face, the wind was blowing through my hair, and my feet were tickled with the thrill.” ~ Liz

(Liz is wearing Espathrills in gray, provided by the Sanuk Cmpany.)

Q: What do you get when you combine the world’s finest scooters with the premiere name in comfortable footwear?

A: A day on a Vespa wearing your Espas! Espathrills, that is.

“One thing’s for sure – whether you’re taking a leisurely drive on an LX 150 or screamin’ down the highway on the GTS 300 Super, you’ll be glad you wore your Sanuks! The shoe upper and sandal bottom will get you there in comfort, wherever your Vespa takes you!” – Liz

Where will your Sanuks take you?

What’s a Sanuk ?

Well, for one thing, it’s the Thai word for fun. But also, it’s an unconventional little “semi-proper footwear company”, (their words not ours) that we’ve stumbled upon.

♦They’re quirky.

♦They’re comfy.

♦They’re cool.

♦They’re not shoes, they’re sandals.

We love ‘em!

Check out this cool footwear from Sanuk

Vespa provided by Vespa Lexington

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