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A week or so ago, I was scrolling through the playlist of my recorded TV shows and noticed something that kind of surprised me; about 60% of the shows on our list were reality shows. Then I started paying attention to what shows were on our 3 TVs during the next week. Truthfully, it’s like ‘Reality Central’ around here. Sure, there was a spattering here and there of ‘real’ TV shows, you know, the ones with actors and scripts, but for the most part, reality TV is pretty dang big at our house.

I’m wondering what in the world this says about my family?

Sure, we watch the typical popular reality shows that it seems all of America is tuned into: American Idol (my fav is Casey Abrams) , Dancing with the Stars (I’m shocked that I don’t hate Kirstie Alley), Survivor (I’m liking Matt all by his lonesome over there on Redemption Island) , and Undercover Boss. Add to that list our regular viewing of Amazing Race (I’m secretly pulling for Kent and Vyxin) , The Apprentice (that Star Jones is a meanie), America’s Next Top Model (Jaclyn is so dang cute in all her southern innocence) , and Secret Millionaire.

But it doesn’t stop there. Between the seven of us in our home,  there was also an episode or two of Cupcake Wars, What Not to Wear, Teen Mom (I promise that wasn’t me!), Parking Wars, Punk’d, Say Yes to the Dress, Made, and Storage Wars,

Oh, wait! I almost forgot Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Antiques Roadshow.

Houston, I think we have a problem! Clearly, we watch A LOT of reality TV.  As a small consolation, I’m happy to say that as far as I know, there was no Jersey Shore, and nothing to do with any of the Kardashians . (Ah, Bruce Jenner. How did this even happen to you?)

It’s obviously not just the folks at my house that are addicted to reality TV. In fact, the top three Broadcast TV shows for the week of March 21, 2011, were reality shows, according the the Neilsen ratings. (Dancing, Idol and Idol.)

“Reality shows again dominated ratings this summer, especially among viewers whom the majority of networks consider most valuable, those 18 to 49. On broadcast television, 15 of the top 20 highest-rated programs among that younger adult group were reality or unscripted shows.New York Times (Sept. 2010)

Haha, I had to include that quote, if for no other reason than it places me within that younger adult group.

So why is it that we as a culture are so addicted to reality TV? Why are we so  interested in other people’s lives? Why is our escape from reality, really just an escape into someone else’s reality?

I’ll leave you to ponder these weighty issues. I’ve got some Dancing with the Stars to watch.

Are you addicted to reality TV, or do you avoid these shows at all costs? Any thoughts on the matter? Just leave  your two cents worth below.

Also, here’s a pretty comprehensive list of the hundreds upon hundreds of reality shows: All Reality TV Shows.


Enjoy your Coffee Break!




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