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planet_51_charactersPlanet 51 Movie Review by Kate

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Rating: PG for mild sci-fi action and some suggestive humor

Genre: Children

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel, Justin Long, Seann William Scott

Plot: Lem is just an average teenager working on getting the girl and furthering his career at the local planetarium – except that he’s an alien. At least to U.S. astronaut Captain Charles T. Baker who lands on Lem’s planet hoping for a quick flag plant and a hasty return to earth and his millions of screaming fans. But on this alien planet the media has tagged spacemen as brain-eating, zombie-creating monsters, causing Baker to run for his life and into Lem’s house. Now it’s up to the green native to get the clumsy astronaut back to his spaceship before military dictator General Grawl and mad scientist Professor Kipple manage to exterminate the Earthly visitor.

Director: Jorge Blanco

Kate says: 2 1/2 stars “Planet 51 is a pleasant way to spend a few hours at the movies with your kids.  It’s full of vivid colors, peppy tunes, upbeat action…just not much underneath all of the flash. Kind of like eating a sugary marshmallow peep – fun at the time, but leaves you feeling ultimately unsatisfied.Basically non-offensive and full of enough action to keep the kiddies entertained and let’s face it…sometimes that is exactly what a parent is looking for.”

Ebert says: 2 1/2 stars “Although not bowling me over, “Planet 51″ is a jolly and good-looking animated feature in glorious 2-D… It’s perfectly pleasant as kiddie entertainment, although wall-to-wall with pop references to the American 1950s.” (read full review)

Eric Snider says: D+ “As the umpteenth computer-animated film released this year, “Planet 51″ must contend with an over-saturated marketplace. That’s one strike. The second strike is that it’s not any good…Unfortunately, while the film is jolly and colorful, it’s also almost entirely laugh-free. This is strictly second-rate material, ignorable in a normal year but even more so when other, better animated entertainment is available.” (read full review)

Adam Markovitz (Entertainment Weekly) says: B “Planet 51…delivers a few pleasant surprises, including a smart story — a reverse-E.T. riff that plops an American astronaut down in a world of just-like-us-only-green creatures — and clever characters, like a lovable NASA rover with canine programming.” (read full review)

Chris Cox (  says – 1 star “If there was ever an animated film that needed a clever punch-up team, it’s this one. Planet 51 lacks both style AND substance, which is surprising given the wealth of opportunities you’d think would be presented here… Planet 51 deserves to be packed up in a dusty crate in a corner of the Area 51 warehouse, never to be seen again. ”  (read full review)

Rotten Tomatoes says: 18% Consensus: Planet 51 squanders an interesting premise with an overly familiar storyline, stock characters, and humor that alternates between curious and potentially offensive.”

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