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Since Easter is only days away, I’ve been out stocking up on my Peeps supply. Heaven forbid I leave my Peep shopping to the last minute, and to my horror, find the shelves bare of the ooey, gooey, sugary marshmallow treats. I would be forever disowned as head holiday empress of my kingdom.

I love me some Peeps! Do you love Peeps, too?

I’ve gathered a few peep-a-liscious ideas in case you’d like to impress your peeps with your Peep skills .

How to make S’meeps: S’mores + Peeps


How to make Peepshi: Peeps + Sushi


How to make Peepsicles: Peeps + Popsicles


How do they make these things, anyway?

How Peeps are Made, from the Chicago Tribune

FYI, I found an official Peeps Fan Club, should you wish to add this impressive club membership to your resume.

There’s also the annual Washington Post – Peep Shows I, II, III, IV, & V

And for the brave – Peep Experiments at Peep

I wouldn’t recommend this next one unless you’re a complete kook who wants to mess with perfection. But in case you are, here’s a recipe for making your own Peeps – How to make Peeps.

Last but not least, Miss Liz got creative with some Peeps this week with a Peeps on a string.


And in completely unrelated Peeps news: Peeps by Scott Westerfeld



Hey, Kate! Great post! But I think you forgot one very special use for Peeps… (howling with laughter).

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