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Mardi Gras 101 – Kate’s Escapades

Today is Mardi Gras. Don’t live in New Orleans? Never celebrated Mardi Gras?

No worries. My philosophy is Never let a good holiday go to waste. So, just for you, dear readers…

Mardi Gras 101.

What is Mardi Gras?

The Romans’ Lupercalia festival was held in mid-February to honor the god of fertility and agriculture, Lupercus. The party had definite Mardi Gras-like qualities, including drinking, feasting and “pleasures of the flesh”. During the Crusades, the carnival-like Lupercalia became adopted as a “last fling” of indulgence before the 40-day Lenten period of penitence. ~Mardi Gras on the Net

How did New Orleans become the Mardi Gras capital here in the U.S.?

Some think the French explorer Sieur d’Ibervilled introduced Mardi Gras when he landed in what is today Louisiana in 1699. Others say that early French settlers to Louisiana introduced Mardi Gras to the Americas. While others argue that the first Mardi Gras was celebrated by French soldiers back in 1703, in the city of Mobile, Alabama. Either way, by the 1820s, Mardi Gras was firmly entrenched in New Orleans culture. ~ Mardi Gras on the Net

What’s the story behind the Mardi Gras colors of green, gold and purple?

In case you were ever wondering why the colors of Mardi Gras are purple, green and gold, Rex, the King of Mardi Gras, chose the official colors in 1872. All three colors have their own meaning, purple represents justice; green, faith; and gold, power. ~Long Island Press

What’s the deal with the Mardi Gras King Cake?

(The King Cake is) An oval cake honoring the three kings is decorated in purple, green and gold colors, representing justice, faith and power, respectively. A small plastic baby, symbolizing the Baby Jesus, is baked into each cake. Whoever gets the piece with the baby not only will have good luck that year, but will also be responsible for bringing the King Cake to next year’s party! ~Mardi Gras on the Net


Click here for my recipe for Easy King Cake Recipe , simplified, of course, because that’s how I roll.

Why is Mardi Gras called Fat Tuesday?

Mardi Gras is held a day before the start of Lent season. Eating excessive amount of food is prohibited during the season…The primary reason why Mardi Gras is called Fat Tuesday is because at this day, most people…consume all the foods in their homes that are forbidden or not allowed during the Lent such as eggs, butter and sugar. One of the most popular foods served during Mardi Gras is pancake. ~WhyGuides

Liz and I are lovin’ the pancakes on Fat Tuesday. Click here for the link to our fav. syrup recipes for the big day.

Also, Liz’s King Cake story and her confessions as a Lenten slacker.

So enjoy your Mardi Gras.


Remember, never let a perfectly good holiday go to waste.

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