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love-happensRating: PG-13 for some language including sexual references

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Jennifer Anniston, Dan Fogler, Judy Greer

Director: Brandon Camp

Plot: Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston star in the romantic drama Love Happens. When a self-help author arrives in Seattle to teach a sold-out seminar, he unexpectedly meets the one person who might finally be able to help him help himself.Dr. Burke Ryan (Eckhart) is on the precipice of a major multimedia deal, but the therapist who asks his patients to openly confront their pain is secretly unable to take his own advice.

Eloise Chandler (Aniston) has sworn off men and decided to focus on her floral business. However, when she meets Burke at the hotel where he’s speaking, there is an instant attraction. But will two people who have met the right person at exactly the wrong time be able to give love another chance?

As each struggles with the hurt of love and loss, they realize that in order to move forward, they need to let go of the past. And if they can, they’ll find that, sometimes, love happens when you least expect it. –© Universal

Running Time:1:49

Kate says:2 stars I wouldn’t go so far as to say this is a terrible movie, but it is bland, predictable and cliche.  For being touted as a romantic comedy, it’s certainly lacking in romance and in comedy…so what does that leave, really?”

Richard Roeper  says: 1 1/2 stars “I don’t think “Love Happens” has its heart in the wrong place. I believe that everyone involved thought they were making a sincere, sweet, emotionally moving story. It’s just that every move feels manufactured, and nearly every performance misses the mark, and the tone meanders from maudlin to overly peppy to treacly to sitcomish to just plain sour.”

Reelviews says:1 1/2 stars “Love Happens makes the mistake of trying to soften what should be a frank, difficult movie by grafting on an unearned feel-good ending… Those searching for another Jennifer Aniston rom-com will likely be unsatisfied.”

Eric Snider says: D+ “A bland, sappy melodrama that barely even tries to imitate the way real people think and feel.”

Rotten Tomatoes: 17% Consensus: Love Happens is a dull, chemistry-free affair that under-utilizes its appealing leads.”

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