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What Kate Does – Lost 6.3

by Evie

This Kate-centric episode shows her at the airport hijacking a cab occupied by Claire. Arzt is crossing the sidewalk and having a problem with his luggage so the cab driver stops for a moment. Kate looks out the window and sees Jack talking on his cell phone. She looks at him like she recognizes him but can’t quite place who he is. Not far from the airport, the cab driver jumps out of the cab, so Kate gets into the driver’s seat and kicks Claire out without her purse or suitcase. Kate finds a garage and the attendant helps her remove the handcuffs. I was expecting the man to be someone we’d seen in the past. It seems like the people our Losties meet have some connection to the island. Kate sees all of Claire’s baby items in the bag she swiped and she got back in the cab and returned to Claire. I’m not quite sure how she knew where she would be.

Kate takes Claire to the family that was to adopt Aaron. Again I thought it would be someone that we knew from a past episode. The woman was visibly upset and told Claire that her husband just left her and she won’t be adopting a baby. Who is the husband? Someone from the island? In any other season I would have said, “Of course”, but not this season. I couldn’t make out the woman’s last name. Claire starts having contractions and Kate takes her to the ER where she meets a doctor from the island. I thought it was going to be Juliet. Darn it!

On the island Sawyer is a very bitter, angry man. He tells sarcastically tells Kate that Sayid came back to life because he deserves another go at it, after all, Sayid is an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids. I wonder if he’s on to something. We still don’t know why some people live, or are healed, and others die. It takes me back to the Purgatory theory that they are all dead and need to work out their issues before they can move on. The people left on the island still have lots of issues. But I don’t think that’s going to be it. I am glad that Sawyer is doing all he can to ignore Kate. Kate, Kate, Kate. Always on the run, or in everyone else’s business, or doing exactly what she’s told not to do.

This is one of my least favorite episodes in a long time. I disliked it so much I didn’t even want to recap it. I kept starting to, then I just couldn’t finish.

Here’s why.

This is supposed to be the season of answers. But I have more questions. Opportunities to provide answers keep passing.

  1. Why does the Asian leader of the “Others” have a typewriter and to whom is he writing?
  2. Why is Sayid alive?
  3. What do the “Others” think of Sayid coming back to life? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
  4. Is Sayid’s wound healed because of the near-drowning in the magic spring water?
  5. Why didn’t Miles tell us if he spoke to Sayid when he was dead?
  6. Why do they torture Sayid and sprinkle ash on him?
  7. Why did the Hippie tell Sayid that he passed the test then clarify to his leader that he lied? Then they try to poison Sayid? I guess Jacob isn’t inhabiting Sayid’s body like I originally thought.
  8. Why do the “Others” not answer Jacks questions?
  9. Why did Justin say the booby-trapped bag of rocks was one of Danielle’s, but the other “Other” told Justin to be quiet?
  10. Why does the other “Other” tell Justin to shut up about where Sun’s plane landed?
  11. Why don’t the “Others” tell us why the black smoke makes a ticka-ticka sound?
  12. Why does Ethan introduce himself as Dr. Goodspeed? That is Horace’s last name.
  13. Why are the “Others” so adamant about being in control, but as soon as Jack tells the guards to step aside, they immediately obey?
  14. What is the infection the Hippie is talking about with Sayid? The same one Danielle spoke of after her group met the black smoke that goes ticka-ticka?
  15. Why does the leader of the “Others” need to know how Sayid got shot?
  16. Why do the “Others” continue to lie over and over?
  17. Whose baseball was the leader playing with?
  18. How was the leader brought to the island? He told Jack he uses a translator because he needs to separate himself from the people he’s in charge of, especially when they don’t like what decisions he makes for them. Jacks asks who he is and we find out that his name is Dogan and that he was brought to the island like everyone else. This would have been a great time to continue the conversation but Jack stands up Dogan changes the subject.
  19. Why does Dogan keep Jack from swallowing the poisoned pill?
  20. What does he know about Jack?
  21. How does Dogan know about Jack’s sister, Claire, and why does he say she had a darkness growing in her just like Sayid?

We want answers, people! And it would be nice to get some along the way and not right at the very last second when you can’t possibly answer everything we need to know.

The attempts at humor in this episode failed as well. Hurley being in charge, zombies, food court, ugh.

Next Tuesday’s episode is titled “The Substitue”. The sneak peak shows “Evil-Locke” getting ready to show Sawyer what his purpose is for being on the island. Cross your fingers for answers.

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