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2/2/10 This week on LOST – LA X Part II by Evie

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More new characters are introduced.

New characters usually mean more questions, but I think their purpose will be to explain the island’s distant past including Jacob, the Man in Black/Smoke Monster (I hope we learn his real name), Richard/Ricardus, and the Black Rock.

This episode begins with Sawyer and Miles burying Juliet. Hurley, Jack, Kate, Jin, and stretcher-bound Sayid are entering the temple through the underground Smokey entrance where they find Montand’s remains. Kate does the logical thing and finds matches in the bag belonging to Montand who lost his arm back in the 1980’s. Hurley sees a book by Søren Kierkegaard; I can’t make out the name of the book, too bright and too blurry.

Side note 1: I’ve never gotten into following the books featured in LOST even though they are clues. If you have any insight, please comment.

Side note 2: Did Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Miles, and Real-Locke think to explore the temple while they were at the well looking for the donkey wheel? If not, WHY?!

Luckily for Kate there is also an abandoned torch. In typical Hurley style, after Jin explains that the man’s arm was ripped off by the Black Smoke, he leads the group saying, “This is going to be awesome.” Hurley is hilarious. They sneak past a gaping hole in floor with no trouble at all, which I was really glad about because the story kept moving along. Kate gets ahead of everyone and hears the whispers. Jack discovers that she’s missing and runs ahead winding through the tunnels. There’s some commotion behind him so Jack runs back toward Hurley and they are all captured and taken inside the temple by the new characters who turn out to be the “others”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it was before Ben and Locke went to the donkey wheel that Ben told the “others” to go to the temple to meet up with some other “others”.

Flash sideways to LAX. Kate is being guided by Edward, the Federal Marshall. She convinces him that she needs to use the restroom and once inside the stall immediately begins to use Jack’s missing pen to unlock her handcuffs. The spring jumps off the pen and, unfortunately for Kate, lands out where the Marshall steps on it before she can finish removing the cuffs. The Marshall knows with whom he’s dealing and demands that she come out. Kate kicks the door open and bashes Edward’s head on the sink. All of us watching let out a collective groan because that had to hurt!

Time out. When in the history of airport bathrooms have you ever seen the ladies room NOT busy, let alone EMPTY? Never? I thought so too.

In typical Kate fashion, she takes the Marshall’s keys and gun. A couple of women enter the bathroom. She tells them that the man just walked in and attacked her and she runs out to an elevator where Sawyer holds the door open for her. He sees the handcuffs still on her wrists even though she tries to hide them but he doesn’t say anything. Two airport security officers enter the elevator and get a call that there is a “341” in progress. Sawyer asks what a “341” is but they tell him that it’s confidential. Obviously Sawyer is trying to found out if it’s the code for an escaped woman wearing handcuffs.

Jack receives an overhead page at the airport and the Oceanic representative tells him that his father’s coffin was never put on the plane and they don’t know where it is. Bummer, because Jack scheduled the funeral for 2 hours after the plane landed. What was he thinking?

Flash sideways to the temple. The leader of the “Others” is Asian and he has a translator whom I’m going to call “The Hippie.” Cindy, the flight attendant from Oceanic flight 815, identifies them as being passengers on “the first plane”. Jack seems to recognize her. The leader tells the “Others” through his interpreter to shoot them. In the midst of the guns being cocked, Hurley shouts out “Jacob sent us”. He tells them that Jacob said that they would help Sayid, who still hasn’t bled to death yet. The leader demands that Hurley prove it and he is baffled about how to do so. The “Others” are told again to shoot, and then Hurley remembers the guitar case that Jacob gave him in the cab outside the jail when Hurley was released. The leader opens the case and finds a huge ankh that fills the entire case.

Side note: According to, the ankh is the Egyptian hieroglyph that means life or living, and over time, came to represent immortality. In Egyptian art, gods were sometimes portrayed touching a mortal with an ankh, symbolizing conception. Its key-like shape encourages the belief that it unlocks the gates of death. These are all themes that we’ve seen on LOST.

The leader breaks open the ankh and finds a list of names; what is up with Jacob and his lists? He verifies that all of their names are on the list, including Sayid. Hurley tells the Hippie that he carried the guitar case across the ocean and through time and he wants to know what the list says. The Hippie tells him it says that if his friend dies (meaning Sayid) they are all in a lot of trouble. Jacob certainly seems to be omniscient.

Flash sideways to Jin and Sun at an LAX customs desk. The officer opens the box containing the watch that Michael found on the beach way back in Season 1. He wants to know what kind of business Jin is in but Jin just replies, “No English.” The customs agent continues to look through Jin’s luggage and finds a bag full of bundled bills, over $10,000 that Jin did not declare. Sun, of course understands the conversation but chooses not to tell anyone she speaks English. The officer takes Jin away.

Flash sideways to the temple where there is a spring or pool of water. The Hippie and the leader are surprised to see that the water isn’t clear. The leader pulls out a knife and cuts his own hand across the palm; he dips it into the water. It seems like he’s expecting his hand to be healed but it’s not. The leader asks who hurt Sayid and Jack takes responsibility for causing it to happen even though he’s not the one who shot him. The Hippie tells Jack that there are risks to what they are about to do to save Sayid. Jack tells them to go ahead and do whatever they have to do. The leader has three of the “Others” take Sayid down into the water and hold him under, face down. This was a terrible scene. They didn’t let him up until the leader’s hour glass ran out even though Jack, Kate, Jin and Hurley begged them to stop. They bring Sayid out of the water. The leader examines him and the Hippie announces, “Your friend is dead.”  Jack tries to do CPR and I thought for sure he was going to beat on his chest to revive him like he did with Charlie after he was found hanged in the jungle. After all, I saw Sayid on some trailers for the show and he was definitely alive. But, Kate convinces him to stop.

Flash sideways to LAX. Sayid is at the luggage carousel standing next to Arzt. Sayid collects his luggage and Kate passes by. She is aware the airport security is looking for her and sneaks out an employee exit and tries to get into a cab. Frogurt tells her to get in the back of the line so she stands behind Hurley who is talking on his cell phone about Outback chicken. Edward, who was not taken to the hospital despite his brutal head wound spots her and she jumps into a cab occupied by Claire (yay, Claire!) and puts the gun to the driver’s head and tells him to go!

Cindy, Zach and Emma (the kids kidnapped from the beach at the beginning of Season 1) bring in some food. Miles and unconscious Sawyer are brought in to the temple by the “Others”. The Hippie tells Hurley to follow him and they go to a separate room where the leader is trimming some plants. This totally reminded me of Mr. Miyagi. Through the translator, the leader asks Hurley what Jacob told him. Hurley says that Jacob told him to bring Sayid to the temple and they would save him. The leader speaks, and the Hippie repeats in English that Sayid was beyond saving. Hurley realizes that the Hippie isn’t translating anything for the leader yet the leader knows what Hurley is saying. The Asian leader tells Hurley that he doesn’t like how English tastes on his tongue. Oh, Snap! The leader asks, again with the help of the Hippie, when Jacob will be coming to the temple. Hurley breaks the news that Jacob is dead.

An ancient sounding bell starts ringing, the “Others” are running around blocking the doors, shooting off flares, preparing weapons and most interesting, ash is being poured around the temple walls. The Hippie tells Hurley that the fortifications are to keep “Him” out. Hurley doesn’t know who he’s talking about but we do.

Back inside the statue, Evil-Locke and Ben are still sitting by the fire. Ben has figured out that Evil-Locke is the smoke monster and that he used Ben to kill Jacob. Evil-Locke tells Ben that he didn’t make Ben kill Locke, even though in Ben’s mind he did by using an apparition of Alex, his daughter, to threaten him if he didn’t do exactly as Locke said.

Evil-Locke goes off on this tirade of what a weak, broken, pathetic man John Locke was. He tells Ben that while Ben was choking the life out of him, Locke was thinking, “I don’t understand.” I am still mourning the fact that Locke turned out to be just a sad, angry man. At least in this reality. When he came back to life on the island, I thought his transformation into a strong leader with a purpose was awesome. He had finally figured it out and I was rooting for him. Evil-Locke told Ben that he admired Locke because he didn’t want to leave the island and return to his dismal life. However Evil-Locke has the opposite goal. He wants to go home. What?!

At the temple Hurley tells dead Sayid good-bye and if he ever wants to talk, he’ll be around. Miles is there too but doesn’t tell us if he’s also talked to dead Sayid. Unconscious Sawyer wakes up and Kate tells him they are at the temple captured again by the “Others” but this time they are being protected by them. Sawyer changes his mind about killing Jack for causing Juliet’s death; instead he wants Jack to also suffer on the island.

Flash sideways to LAX where Jack is talking on his phone to his mother about the missing coffin situation. Behind him is John Locke sitting in his wheel chair reporting his missing suitcase full of knives. Jack talks to John about his father being lost and John tells him that they just lost his coffin and the body, but his father isn’t lost. Wow, Jack actually seems to consider that. As Locke heads toward the door, Jack asks John about his injury and presents his business card and tells John that he is a spinal surgeon and if he wants a consult, it’s on the house. Ah ha! The lives of the passengers are starting to cross again. This IS going to be good!

Flash sideways to the statue. Richard and his group of “Others” see the flares from the temple. Out march Evil-Locke and Ben. Richard tells the “Others” not to shoot. Lapidus and Sun still don’t know what to think of this 2nd Locke. Evil-Locke approaches Richard and tells him, “It’s good to see you out of those chains.” I’m thinking that’s figurative. Perhaps in Evil-Locke’s opinion Jacob kept Richard bound to the island by making him immortal or unable to age. I never saw Richard look so scared as he came to realize who Evil-Locke really is. Evil-Lock punches and kicks Richard and turns to the “Others” and tells them that he is very disappointed in all of them. Evil-Locke throws unconscious Richard over his shoulder and heads into the jungle walking past real-Locke’s dead body lying on the beach.

Back in the temple the Hippie insists that Jack follow him to have a conversation but Jack declines by lunging at one of the “Others”. He stops when Hurley shouts “Jack!” The Hippie is staring at the same thing Hurley sees behind Jack. Sayid is back from the dead and asks, “What happened?” I’m pretty sure it’s actually Jacob back from the dead using Sayid’s body.

Tuesday can’t come soon enough!

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