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2/2/10  This week on LOST – LA X Part I

by Evie

Wow! The producers of LOST did it again. In the first few minutes of the beginning of “LA X part I”, I found myself saying, “Whaaat?!”.  Apparently Juliet was successful in detonating Jughead and the white light transitioned to clouds out the small window of Oceanic flight 815, at least I assume it was Oceanic flight 815. Jack is staring out the window and when he turns around his facial expression is one of confusion. Jack and Rose have the same conversation (well almost the same) as the beginning of the series way back in Season 1. You remember Season 1, right? When we thought we were simply watching a show about the unfortunate survivors of a plane that crashed on an island, you know, Cast Away-style.

I watched Damon and Carlton (the producers who are affectionately called Darlton by their fans) on Jimmy Kimmel and they admitted that the differences in the Rose-Jack and Flight Attendant-Jack conversations were on purpose. Rose was the calm passenger this time, not Jack, and Cindy gave Jack one bottle of alcohol this time, not two. Was that because Jack wouldn’t need the second bottle to clean his post-plane crash wound?

The turbulence occurs but no falling from the sky. Bernard returns from the bathroom and takes his seat by Rose and that’s when I started thinking my worst-ending-ever fear is about to come true.

Jack takes a trip to the lav and takes a look at himself in the mirror. It’s hard to tell what is going on his mind. He notices a bloody spot on his neck. I’m not sure what that was about. When he returns to his seat, he finds a person sitting in the same row who wasn’t there before. It’s Desmond. “Whaaat?!” He’s supposed to be in a hatch pushing a button. Des looks familiar to Jack but he can’t quite place it. Maybe it’s because Des didn’t tell Jack he’d see him in another life, Brutha. Perhaps the island did not suck Des into its grasp while he was on his boat race and he made it to Australia after all.

Jack turns to look out the window again and I was definitely freaked out when the camera took us on a nosedive down into the bottom of the Pacific Ocean panning across an underwater Dharmaville, through the seaweed, past the Dharma logo-stamped shark, and eventually stopping at the statue of the foot with four toes. “Whaaat?!” But where else would an island go to after a hydrogen bomb exploded? They had the same funky music that sounded a lot like the season’s pilot episode. The score sometimes features percussion instruments made from pieces of the actual plane they used on the beach at the crash site.

The scene with Juliet hitting the bomb at the Swan construction site replays and Kate’s eye opens, but it’s nighttime. This surprised me because you can see an eye open at the end of the closing credits on last season’s finale. There was much debate about whose eye it was (Juliet’s, Jacob’s, Kate’s, Ben’s, or Locke’s) and I thought we would see the exact same eye. It wasn’t the same eye but it could have been Kate’s. It’s probably not important.

So Kate wakes up and discovers that she’s high up in a tree. That was hilarious (at least to our little party watching the show). Kate is such a tree-climbing, sonic wall-scaling, cage-escaping little monkey, it was perfect. She has that awful loss-of-hearing effect as she climbs down and is startled by Miles who also has ringing ears. They see the Swan site and Kate tells Miles that it’s not the construction site but the hatch after Desmond blew it up. We realize with them that they are no longer in the year 1977 but at least after 2004.

OK, time-out. If you saw JJ and Damon’s blockbuster movie Star Trek, you already know these guys love alternate reality stories. I think that’s where they’re taking us.

Kate notices Jack and Sawyer lying in the grass and she rouses Jack first. She tells Jack that they are at the Swan Hatch and he’s surprised that the Dharma people had still managed to build it. Hmmmm…so did Juliet detonate the bomb or not? After the shoot out what exactly happened? Isn’t that just like LOST; always more questions.

Sawyer comes flying out of nowhere and his foot reaches Jack’s head causing him to fall down into the Swan pit. I knew this was going to be ugly. As much as Juliet totally annoyed me up to this point, I felt horrible that she and Sawyer were ripped apart from each other. They seemed genuinely happy together. Sawyer is understandably furious that Jack (and perhaps, Faraday) were wrong and now Juliet is dead.

Back we go to the airplane. We’re used to flashbacks and flash forwards, now we have to keep up with these sideways flashes.  So back on the airplane we see Kate’s Federal Marshall waiting for her outside the lav.  Jack approaches and Kate stumbles out the door and runs into Jack grabbing his pocket pen in the process. It’s not obvious but you’ll see the pen show up later in Kate’s possession. Jack must have been in bad shape because this is the second trip he’s made to the bathroom already.

The Marshall guy and Kate are back in their seats and Sawyer bumps the Marshall as he walks by. Sawyer sees her handcuffs before she can hide them under her meal tray. It’s weird picturing the characters completely erasing all memories of the past 3 years of their lives; everything they’ve been through together on and off the island. Sawyer is seated across the aisle from Hurley. Dr. Arzt is begging Hurley to do his Australian accent that he used on his Mr. Clucks commercials. Remember the teaser commercial on TV last year featuring Hurley bragging about his never-ending good luck and promoting his Outback Roaster Combos. This would be a good time to remind you of the other teaser commercial put out by LOST producers for Oceanic Airlines and their “30-year perfect safety record”.

So Hurley does his (very bad) accent and he tells Arzt that he was able to buy the chicken franchise because he won the lottery. Sawyer warns Hurley against telling people he won the lottery to which Hurley replies that nothing bad ever happens to him – he’s the luckiest guy alive. Did adorable Hurley just become arrogant?

I can’t wait to find out why Hurley went to Australia this time. Did the number actually turn out to be lucky and not cursed?

Back at the Swan site, Kate hears Juliet calling out from under the rubble and Hurley and Jin are with Sayid who continues to bleed from the wounds Ben’s dad shot into his stomach. How long has he been bleeding now? It feels like months. Jin leaves the two at the Dharma van to ask for Jack’s help with Sayid. Hurley is completely grossed out by Sayid’s condition, but he didn’t faint like he did in the pilot episode. Sayid asks Hurley where he thinks a torturer like himself will go after he dies. Hurley hears some rustling in the grass and as he struggles with his gun’s firing mechanism, calls out that he has a gun and knows how to shoot it.

Hurley turns around and sees his dead acquaintance, Jacob. Hurley follows Jacob back to the van and Jacob tells him that since he died an hour ago he’s the only one who will be able to see him. Jacob seems very sad, but he must have known all this was going to happen, right? He tells Hurley that he has to save Sayid and tells him to take Sayid to the temple. Finally! We’ve been waiting to hook up with the “others” at the temple for a very long time! Jacob tells Hurley to take the guitar case with him. Hurley asks who he is and when he tells him that he’s Jacob, I wanted him to say, “Remember that time I saw your cabin and Claire was in there and then I turned to run but the cabin jumped in front of me again?! What’s the deal with that dude?!” but he didn’t.

Jin returns for the van and they put Sayid back inside and drive to the Swan Station where they hook up some chains to pull all the debris off of Juliet. Sawyer finally makes it to Juliet and something very important happens. Juliet tells Sawyer that she hit the bomb but it didn’t work; they’re still on the island. Sawyer frees Juliet’s legs and holds her and she says, “We could get coffee sometime; we can go Dutch”. Sawyer realizes she’s losing it, but right before she dies, she says, “James, I have to tell you something very important.” Later Miles tells Sawyer that she was going to say, “It worked.”

I think this is very important to the alternate reality theory and at some point we’re going to see Juliet and James have a random conversation in their future life that begins with Juliet proposing the idea of coffee to Sawyer. At least I hope that’s what happens.

Jack tells Hurley that there is nothing he can do to save Sayid’s life so Hurley tells him that they’ll have to do what Jacob said to do and head for the temple.

Back on the flight Sun is watching Rose and Bernard flirting with each other and tells Jin how cute they look. Jin tells her to button the top button on her sweater. Oh great! Now we have to deal with mean, non-English speaking Jin and timid, sad Sun again?! In the center row of seats Locke is seated on one aisle, Boone on the other, and sleeping Frogurt in between. Boone tells Locke that he was in Australia to save his sister from a bad relationship but Shannon is not on the plane because she didn’t want to be saved. (On Jimmy Kimmel, Darlton tells us that there’s a reason for that and we’ll probably see Shannon again). Locke tells Boone that he went on a walk-about and slept under the stars for 10 days with nothing but their packs and their knives. So did Locke talk the guide into letting him go, or is it just Locke being pathetic again?

Flash sideways to the statue where Ben seems shocked that he murdered Jacob.  Evil-Locke tells Ben to go tell Richard to come inside and have a talk.

Outside the statue Lapidus and Sun are talking about Ilana’s group. Lapidus tells Sun about them burning the cabin and that they claim to be the good guys. Richard stops members of Ilana’s group and tells them that they cannot go inside the statue unless Jacob invites them. Ilana calmly explains to Richard that’s why they are there – because Jacob invited them. Richard grows much more agitated and tells Ilana that just because she asked him what’s in the shadow of the statue doesn’t mean she’s in charge. Just then Ben interrupts and while covering his bloody shirt tells Richard that John Locke wants to speak with him. Ilana asks Ben if Jacob is OK and, well, we all know lying is what Ben does best. Then came one of my favorite scenes of the episode. Richard, who is obviously becoming more aware of the seriousness of the situation grabs Ben by the arm and tells him that he’s happy to talk to John but Ben should talk to him first, and he shoves him down into the sand by the large silver box and Locke’s dead body. Ben, Ben, Ben. What have you done? Ilana’s main guy, I can’t remember his name, takes a few of his men with Ben into the statue. Evil-Locke tells them that Jacob is dead and that they wasted their time coming to the island. Essentially he’s telling them to go home; he has granted them their freedom. They’ll have none of that and Jacob’s bodyguards start shooting at Evil-Locke who disappears and/or changes into the black smoke monster and kills all of them except Ben. We see the main body guard guy spread a circle of ash around himself and this seems to keep Smokey away until Smokey figures out how to make him lose his balance and fall out of the ash circle. We haven’t seen that kind of impaling since Goodwin.

So was the ash around Jacob’s cabin to keep Smokey out or to keep the man in black in? I’ll have to address questions about the cabin later.

Back on the plane, Cindy, the flight attendant, asks if there is a doctor on board and Jack makes his 3rd trip to the lav. I knew it was going to be Charlie but I thought he was just going to be in there snorting some coke. Instead we see Charlie, after Sayid kicked in the door, very pale and not breathing. So Doctor Jack and Sayid start using a breathing bag but Jack discovers something caught in Charlie’s throat. When he asked Cindy for something sharp Jack realizes his pen is missing from his jacket pocket.  Jack pulls a bag of drugs from Charlie’s mouth and Charlie tells Jack that he shouldn’t have saved him because he was supposed to die. Charlie is handcuffed and taken back to his seat. When Jack gets back to his seat he sees that Desmond is gone but after a brief look-around just sits down. Was Des really on the plane? Did he just go back to his regular seat? And will we see him back on the island again, true to Eloise Hawking’s words that the island isn’t through with him?

The plane lands at LAX and the soft music soothed me into believing that it will all work out.

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