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LOST   follow up to last week’s episode.

First of all, my apologies to those of you who genuinely enjoyed the last episode, What Kate Does. Perhaps I was too harsh in my judgment of not enough answers. Erika at Long Live reminded me that we fell in love with LOST way back when there wasn’t a lot of action. Shannon was sunbathing, Jack was going through suit cases looking for supplies, Charlie was playing his guitar. On the other hand there wasn’t a whole lot of crazy mystery either that we were desperate to have answered.

While I was visiting LLL I read a couple of interesting things I missed so I thought I’d share.

  1. When Kate was going through Claire’s bag at the garage after being de-handcuffed, she saw the stuffed orca. I couldn’t remember where it was from but Aaron had it as a toddler when he was living with Kate. Erika’s school of thought is that felon-Kate would not have gone back to find Claire if the whale hadn’t sparked some kind of this-seems-awfully-familiar sense in Kate.
  2. As for Ethan Goodspeed (his surname in previous episodes was Rom), Erika says that if Pierre Chang had indeed evacuated the women and children from the island then the children we know who were there (Miles, Ethan, and Charlotte) would have been saved and grown up off the island.
  3. Claire was also having that déjà vu experience when Dr. Ethan was asking her about the baby and she just shouted out Aaron’s name like she just “knew” that was going to be his name. And of course, Kate, who always seems to stick herself into everyone else’s business, told Claire she should keep her baby.
  4. Possible correlation that’s not just coincidence: Asian Other Leader Dogan tells Jack he must speak in Japanese and use a translator because he has to stay separate from his people – The translation of one of Jacks tattoos is “He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us.”
  5. Erika hints at validating a theory I had about Claire when she was blown up in the barracks/”rescued” by Sawyer/ran off in the jungle/seen in Jacob’s cabin.  She was actually taken by Smokey and now her form is manifested by Smokey, same as Sayid is now.
  6. And one duh-moment for me from LA X. Sawyer and Hurley were seated by each other when Sawyer overheard about Hurley’s lottery winning. I had this warm fuzzy feeling about Sawyer helping out his buddy Hurley. D’oh! I forgot Sawyer is still a con man and doesn’t even know Hugo.

Just some food for thought for you LOST fans!!!

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